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5 Tips For Well Being

May 27, 2022    7 min read

Well-being is a sense of mental and emotional fulfillment for all people. It is important to practice healthy living habits for emotional and mental well being. Many indicators that measure well being are our happiness levels, reduced stress or anxiety and better relationships with people around you. While chasing our dreams, and learning new things lets always remember to smile and live our life to the fullest.

Following simple steps for well being can help you improve your health drastically. May is the month of mental health awareness and also the right time for us to keep a check on ourselves.

  1. Connect with others
    Stay connected with people and especially those who cheer you up.Its always a good idea to spend time with other people and strengthen your relationships with them. The feeling of being close to others and being valued by others are fundamental human needs.

  2. Be Active
    You can stay lethargic or gear up and get moving. Being active will fill you with confidence and will power. It will also help keep you in shape and improve your health, make time for playing a sport to ensure you are motivated.
  3. Take notice of your environment
    When feeling very overwhelmed, take note of things around you. Take some time from social media and your phone screen to look around and take note of the smallest of things. Observing is always calming for senses.
  4. Learn New Things
    Learn something new everyday. It is important to learn from people around you or even from your surroundings. Keep learning, as this will keep you more sharp and stress free.
  5. Be empathetic
    Understand people and their feelings. Try to understand their problems and be a source of encouragement. Everyone has good or bad days and it’s important to always maintain a positive and cheerful attitude towards life. Don’t give in to negative emotions or behaviors.

Practically has taken utmost care to create an environment that is focused on well-being. In line with this vision, we have launched an initiative called The Learning Lobby and have experts participating to address various topics from destressing to balancing peer pressure. During the month of mental health awareness, we want to remind every child that learning is the greatest form of happiness and through our efforts we have brought learning alive at Practically. Download the Practically app for free on App Store for IoS and Play Store for Android.

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