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Practically allows you to explore concepts at your own pace. Whether you want to revise the basics or zoom ahead of the class, it’s your choice.


3D simulations and Augmented Reality modules provide hands-on learning to retain more


Amazing life like videos bring concepts to life, making you a part of the immersive experience


Ask ‘Miki’, our AI Bot, anything from a general conversational question to queries from your subjects


More learners in the family? Just have one account and add rest of them as profiles

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  • Videos
  • Simulation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Chat Bot
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Unlimited Chapter Tests
  • Unlimited Subject Tests
  • Unlimited World Quizzes
  • Unlimited Assignments
  • Previous Year Papers
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We understand that every school has a different setup, and that every classroom has different needs. Our services are free for schools and educational institutions. We can work with you to get your school started off on a new journey of Teaching

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Enhance Engagement, Teach Practically

Practically offers free teaching tool for schools and institutes. These tools improve student engagement and help teachers to guide student learning in classroom and at home.

The Practically Teacher Mobile App and Online Portal are complementary resources for schools to help teachers augment their explanation of Math and Science concepts. Our tools seamlessly integrate School Curriculum and After-school Learning, which motivates students to learn better and achieve better results.

  • Flip your classroom
  • Deliver Virtual Classes
  • Video as Teaching Aid
  • Simulations as Teaching Aid
  • Learning Modules and quizzes
  • Monitor Students Engagement
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About us

Creating Intelligent, Interactive and Immersive learning experiences

Practically is a young insurgent brand from a team of energetic people who passionately believe in reshaping the way the world learns. We believe that there is an explorer, hidden deep within each of us, who is often stifled by the rigid notions of conventional education. We want to reach out to that explorer within every learner and unleash their true potential for limitless learning.