Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of most asked questions. Browse through them before through you drop us a note

Why should I download the practically app?

The Practically app gives you immersive videos, 3D simulations and Agumented Reality modules, specifically designed to make learing experiential and increase retention. In addition to the videos, you also get in-video Q&As, Chapter Tests and Mock Exams. These unique features, combined with the Practically's user-friendly, always-available AI guide, Miki, provide you with an overall elevated learning experience that make learning concepts easier and will help you succed in school and competitive exams.

Who can benefit from practically?

Anybody who wants to learn Math and Science concepts can benefit from Practically. However,our core target population is students between grades 6th to 12th, and those preparing for IIT-JEE/NEET foundation courses, IIT-JEE,NEET, Olympiads and NTSE.

Do i need practically if i go to tution or coaching classes?

Practically gives you an extra edge over everyone else by enhancing your conceptual understanding and improving your retention of concepts studied. Practically's learning packages - which include a combination of videos, simulations/Agumented Reality, assesment questions-are designed to enhance learning in a fun and enganing manner. In addition, Practically's chatbot, "Miki"(coming soon), can clarify your doubts anytime,
and the unlimited standardized testing can give you the required practice for upping your game.

Do i need additional test preperation for competetive exams if i have practically?

with nearly 6 lakh questions in our question-bank, Practically offers unlimited standardized testing for almost all competitive exams. Questins are divided into multiple levels of complexity to assess your areas of strength and weakness. The artificial intelligence powered testing engine auto generates question paper based on the exam pattern to help you prepare better for exams.

How is practically different from other E-apps?

Practically is the only experiential learning app that brings learning alive through immersive videos, interactive augumented reality and enganing simulations. The videos are bite-sized capsules of information, aimed at increasing retention and keeping you engaged. With Practically, you not only get better conceptual understanding but get a chance to experience concepts, which is not available in any other e-learning applications