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5 tips to get the best from online learning during corona virus outbreak.

April 23, 2020    7 min read

Schools are shut and traditional face-to-face learning has paved way to learning online or E-learning. We have a few tips for those starting out or facing trouble with this mode of learning.

The world has changed dramatically over the past few months with the spread of the novel corona virus. With no relief in sight, the world is bracing to weather this storm. India has adopted a “stay home and stay safe” mantra. Such strict enforcement of physical distancing has resulted in a grinding halt of activities that require face-to-face interactions. Schools too have downed physical shutters, but education has not halted. It has merely moved to the online mode. Are you interested in learning how to get the most out of the online mode of learning? We may have a few tips to share from our experience in this area, so read on!

Create a dedicated study space

At a time when everyone is at home and competing for space, creating a dedicated study area is tough. If possible, separate this study area from bed and as far as possible sit in a chair that keeps your back erect to reduce slouching. Studies indicate that it is easier to get into learning mode quickly and recall information if you are in the same place every time you learn. We encourage all of you to set clear boundaries at home to create less distractions as you study.

Set personal goals

Setting achievable goals has proven to be effective to trigger new behaviors, maintain focus, and achieve great things in life. Even with online learning – have goals to accomplish. Some of these goals could be to complete a learning module within the study hour or to do an assignment or to take a test. Start with an achievable task list and keep challenging yourself to push further every day.

Reach out for help

Studying by yourself is not easy. We understand that and so do your teachers. Remember that physical distancing need not mean social distancing! Learning is an inherently social activity, so actively engage with your class teachers or online tutors as they may not have the bandwidth to reach you individually. Ask them for a course plan and discuss any questions or doubts you have as you go through the online lessons. Involving your friends and peers in your study plan will also create a community to further motivate you and keep you on track.

Manage your time

Learning on-demand content online can be a double-edged sword. On one side, you can learn from the comfort of your home at the time you want to learn but on the other side procrastinating or putting off till later can be dangerous. To get the best out of online learning, plan and dedicate a few hours every day for learning / practice with enough breaks. Make sure to devote full attention to the videos as you watch – don’t squeeze these in while eating or watching TV.

Take notes

Taking notes while watching online learning content can keep you more active, extend your attention span and increase your engagement. It can also promote active thinking and boost your understanding of the topic. So, grab a notebook or find a digital app that works best for you and start synthesizing key points.

Start early and choose an online course that is tailored to your age group and learning needs. Be aware to choose a course that pushes you to explore and challenges your potential. Follow our tips and become more independent learners, which will serve you well even after your schools re-open.

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