Immersive Learning Through VR Modules

Explore the Virtual World to see and interact with concepts around you in ways you never thought possible.

Over 500 hyper-real VR experiences stitched together on a Virtual Canvas


More about Virtual Reality Learning

Practically’s VR modules, best viewed on a compatible VR device, and will teleport you to a hyper-real Virtual World, for a completely immersive learning experience. Practically’s VR modules offer virtual field trips to the depths of the oceans, the highest peaks of the Himalayas, the unending sandy dunes of the Sahara Desert and to the dense forests of the Amazon. Or choose to take a virtual trip to new worlds by exploring the effect of gravity on different planets or even perform scientific experiments right in your living room. With the power of VR in your hands, there is no limit to learning and imagination.

What you need to experience VR:

  • Practically App
  • Mobile device or tab
  • Optional: Cardboard or Daydream viewer