Class 9th Science

Having covered the basics in Classes 6 through 8, Class 9 is the time when students start getting really tested on all the core concepts. Their performance in Class 9 can also determine their success in various competitive exams such as IIT, NEET, JEE, Olympiads, etc.

That’s why they need access to the best resources to ensure they have no doubts when learning.

With the NCERT Solutions Guide, specially created by Practically’s team of subject experts, students can understand and learn even the most difficult topics, in a systematic manner. This guide goes beyond the textbooks questions, and clarifies any doubts that students may have on all topics covered, even tricky ones such as Motion, Force, Gravity, Energy etc. With this guide easily accessible on our website and on our app, students will not have to worry about struggling with learning even the most complex topics.

Table of contents

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