Online Coding Classes With Coding++

Why Err when your child can become a codERR?

“Don’t just play on your phone, program it.” - Barack Obama

Why coding?

  • Coding helps improve logical thinking and problem-solving skills by 70% among kids.
  • Kids love Art Coding because it lets them create anything they can imagine.
  • Coding is brain time!
  • Coding jobs are the future. They already constitute more than 60% of all jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

While we don’t promise that your child will be the next billionaire, Coding++ promises to impart essential skills to understand and appreciate coding through top teachers who are selected after rigorous skill assessment. The coding classes for kids are carefully curated to give your child a hands-on learning experience while keeping the basics in focus.

All they need is a laptop and internet to get started, leave the rest to us.

Is your child future ready?

We believe that parents need to have sufficient understanding of computer basics and courses,in general,such that they provide the right guideance to their children. Hence,we are offering a few introductory courses which are FREE for parents along with their children.Two for the price of one.

All they need is a laptop and internet to get started,leave the rest to us.

Are you and your child ready to embrace the future?

Computer Fundamentals

Essentials for the entire family

A program designed to help you within the digital world, here is everything you need to know about computers.

With over 25 video lectures and hands on modules,this program ensures that both parents and children learn the essentials of computer and internet usage.

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Scratch Programming

A program to introduce coding for beginners,Scratch seeks to teach computer logic through easy gamified techniques.

By the end of the course you will be equipped to create your own interactive projects and gain hands on experience

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App Inventor

Boost the creator within you in this program and develop your own app.

Take maximum advantage of today's app driven world by learning to create your legacy on play store and app storethrough this course

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Web Technologies

Want to make most of the digital space? Have a buisness idea or want to create your own portfolio on web? Make your own website.

This program is structured to thrive in the digital world by creating a website of your own.

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If you already have coding knowledge or have built your basics,here is a program that will help you take it to a next level.

Through an intoductionto artificial intelligence and the know-hows of Python,this program is designed to acquiant you with applications of coding.

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