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The fascinating world of left handers

Decmber 10, 2021    7 min read

Isn’t it amazing, how most of us are comfortable writing and playing sports with our right hand and there are some amongst us who are complete left handers? The left handers are rarer and have been studied closely by psychologists and other experts to understand what differentiates them. The handedness is an insightful study and does dominate various characteristics of a person. One rare British study also indicated that extremely stressed pregnant women have a tendency to touch their faces with their left hands instead of their right and could be an early teller of a left handed child. We do know of geniuses who are left handers and do bring an element of spark, irrespective of which industry they belong to from Angelina Jolie to Ratan Tata, share a common trait of left handedness. As this gets more interesting we found a few innate differences that sets left handers apart from the rest

Courtesy: Clark Chronicle

Stronger sense of reasoning

Left handers are better at logical problem solving and abstract reasoning better than right handers. It is said that their sense of decision making is driven by a strong sense of understanding and comprehension.

Courtest: Tennis World USA

The added advantage of left handed athletes

Sports professionals have an additional advantage especially when paired with right handed athletes. Their movements at times cannot be predicted easily and can leave an opposition completely stumped.

Courtesy: IB Times

Flair for creativity

Creativity is either a skill that is inherited or developed overtime but in most left handers this skill is far more common than right handers.

Higher ability to learn

It could be an exaggeration to say left handers learn faster than right handers. In any case they have displayed higher abilities to adapt faster and even understand concepts that may be seemingly difficult for everyone else.

While these are some of the beliefs, it is important to know that most of the skills can be developed through dedication and earnest efforts put forth by all of us.

When we are younger, our grasping capacities are a lot stronger and it is the right age to groom children to develop skills that will help them enjoy the process of learning irrespective of their inherent talent. We at Practically have worked hard to develop AI led interactive content that combines learning and play to ensure students are able to sharpen their memories and increase their retention power. You can check out our content and more on the Practically app available of Google and Apple Playstore

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