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Importance Of A Healthy Work Life Balance

Decmber 2, 2021    7 min read

A major chunk of our day is dedicated to our work lives. As we grow older our inclination towards work increases over most activities.

Needless to say, our careers are important for various reasons - from financial stability to achievement of personal goals. This however, cannot be a reason for imbalance in our lives. Work may resonate with hustle but to increase our daily output we have to pay equal attention to rest and rejuvenation as well.

Earlier this week we introduced a brand new initiative - ‘The Learning Lobby’ that sheds light on pressing issues that are otherwise neglected. We spoke to Leadership & Transformation expert, Dr. Rati Chandna to understand the importance and way to maintain a healthy work life balance. Here are some excerpts

Importance of work life balance

  • Helps you feel at ease

  • Our minds are cluttered with the challenges we face at our workplaces. Some days are more hectic or demanding than the others. The constant state of exhaustion can harm your mental and physical well being. Striking a work life balance will ensure your mind is well rested enough to take on difficult tasks with more ease.

  • Improves your concentration

  • A restless, sleep deprived, constantly active mind will be unable to focus. Along with attention deficit you will also feel an unavoidable state of fatigue that will stop you from paying attention to details.

  • Keeps you motivated

  • Who doesn’t want to show up at work the next day feeling happier and well-rested? Having dedicated time for other activities or setting aside ‘me’ time everyday will help you feel more motivated to perform your tasks with more enthusiasm.

    Ways to maintain a healthy work life balance

  • Prioritise your daily tasks

  • Create a do-able tasklist and stay away from the temptation to leave the hardest bit for the end. As the good ol’ saying goes, ‘Do the toughest task first!’ When stuck switch to another task and keep 15 minutes at the end of the day to keep some time aside to reflect on your day and plan in advance for the next day

  • Set a routine
  • A simple daily routine can help to solve many issues that you may be facing everyday. From waking up early to hitting the bed in time and finding time for exercising is a must. While you don't have to be very rigid, it’s always best to follow a basic routine to carry out your day to day activities.

  • Set realistic goals
  • Biting more than you can chew will always take a toll on you. Set goals that are challenging yet achievable. It is important to set goals that motivate you to work harder but do not weigh you down. You will see faster results and will eventually reach your end goal in a shorter time span. Try it!
    Practically has taken utmost care to create an environment that is focused on the well-being of students. In line with this vision we have launched our latest initiative, ‘The Learning Lobby’ that will ensure that parents, teachers and educators are equipped with the right guidance given by renowned experts to create a progressive learning environment for students.
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