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Word Power Knowledge Quiz: Words Beginning with A-M

Decmber 10, 2021    7 min read

Improving your vocabulary is no longer a daunting task. Systematic effort and regular practice tests can help with improving one's vocabulary. And, it’s no doubt that the Practically Word Power quiz can help you power up your vocabulary game. Not just that, these quizzes and word games can boost your learning in many surprising ways.

Remember, nothing can be conveyed without vocabulary. If you’re trying to become fluent in the English language, you can do that by improving your vocabulary.

Here is a fun Word Power Quiz for you to test how good your vocabulary is and a chance to improve it as well:

Ever wondered what an academic, a debacle, and a Miami Beach clambake have in common? They are words spelled with letters from only the first half of the alphabet, a to m—like all those in this quiz. Test your knowledge by guessing the correct definitions of the following words.

Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power.

1. edifice n. ('eh-duh-fiss)
A-) Steep Cliff
B-) Inspiration
C-) Large Building
Answer: Edifice: large building
Example: The Gothic edifice will be restored by a team of experts.

2. calcified adj. ('kal-sih-fyd)
A-) Hardened
B-) Wasted Away
C-) Rusted Through
Answer: Calcified: hardened
Example: Mary’s political opinions only calcified as she grew older.

3. malleable adj. ('mal-ee-uh-bull)
A-) Cruel
B-) Sickly
C-) Pliable
Answer: Malleable: pliable
Example:After her first yoga class, Emily found that her muscles weren’t all that malleable.

4. fallible adj. ('fal-uh-bull)
A-) Autumnal
B-) Fertile
C-) Imperfect
Answer: Fallible: imperfect
Example:The captain may think he’s always right, but even his judgment is fallible sometimes!

5. babel n. ('bab-uhl)
A-) Noisy Confusion
B-) Skyscraper
C-) Naughty Child
Answer: Babel: noisy confusion
Example:“I can’t hear myself think over all this babel!” Akiko shouted.

6. jackal n. ('jak-uhl)
A-) Wild Dog
B-) Trickster
C-) Thatched But
Answer: Jackal: wild dog
Example:What is the mayor’s office going to do about the pack of jackals on the loose in our town?

7. addled adj. ('ad-uhld)
A-) Egg-Shaped
B-) Confused
C-) Extra
Answer: Addled: confused
Example:Uncle Paul can get addled when he doesn’t take his medications.

8. fiddlehead n.('fih-duhl-hed
A-) Edible Fern
B-) Large Crab
C-) Violinist
Answer: Fiddlehead: edible fern
Example:We’re serving salmon on a bed of sautéed fiddleheads for lunch.

We hope you are inspired to improve your word game and vocabulary with this new word quiz. As we come to the end of this fun quiz, look out for one such new Vocabulary quiz next week on the Practically blog and improve your word knowledge.

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