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Significance of International Mother’s Day

May 06, 2022    7 min read

A mother’s touch is warm and comforting, we are always relying on the three letter word, “mom” for absolutely everything at most times. The age old cliche will always stand true, ``A mother is a child’s sense of support and their bond is always unique.” On your good days, you turn to your mother to celebrate with you and on your bad days, you turn to her for unconditional love and support. Either way, isn't every day Mother's Day? The answer is definitely yes and yet, why not celebrate her wholeheartedly on this one dedicated day.

Do you want to know more about Mother’s Day?

It is believed that many years ago in 1908, Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia held a beautiful memorial for her late mother in the church of Grafton, West Virginia. To pay ode to her mom, she wore a white carnation. Her love and sincerity for her mother touched those who were attending this service. They all started wearing red or pink carnations to represent a living mother and white carnations for their late mothers. After this, it became a ritual that may be followed in the month of May on the second Sunday. Over the years this show of love and affection is celebrated on one single dedicated day for mothers.

When is Mother’s Day celebrated?

This year we celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday, May 8, 2022. Every year the date changes but it is typically celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May in most parts of the world. However, there are countries that celebrate their own version of this day as well on different dates.

How can we celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

There is no set rule for Mother’s Day celebrations. You can celebrate it the way you want to but here are a few tips, we at Practically have put together for you that combine pampering, learning, play and fun

Do something proactively

From tidying your room to finishing your homework, try being proactive and trust us your mother will love it. She is always worried about your well being and watching you take the initiative will bring her a sigh of relief. For completion of your homeworks swiftly you can also take help from Proton, your study buddy on the Practically app and surprise your mom with your timely completion

Engage her in a DIY activity

DIY activities are fun. You can try clay modeling, origami and so much more. DIY is a stress reliever and can help you both bond and create memories for life. If you want to find some quick and fun DIY tips to follow, then head to our earlier blogpost on DIYs here.

Learn new things together

Learning never stops. Our parents love teaching and love learning with us. There is so much you can share with your mom about your own hobbies and interests. This way you both can learn something new together. Whether it is learning about the mysteries of space or ancient architecture you can read and discover new things. You can also try playing games or watch 3D simulations on the Practically app. You can download the app for free and get started right away.

On this note, Practically wishes you and your beloved mothers a very ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’

We hope these fun tips help you make this day more memorable. For those who wish to bring learning alive and make the most of our immersive learning content, head to Practically now!

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