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Significance of International Jazz Day

April 29, 2022    7 min read

The Jazz Appreciation Month is here. It was many years ago that April was celebrated as the world’s largest celebration of jazz music and this was specifically introduced by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization back in 2011. Jazz, as a beautiful form of music has been around since earlier times and it has touched many lives irrespective of their age or background. The soothing sound of jazz has been a cheerleader for many. Jazz is a symphony of Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano, Guitar and even Drums. Jazz is known as music for senses.

Some of the most prominent jazz artists are Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Herbie Hancock and more amongst others. Jazz music overlaps with nearly every genre of music, from blues to rock to classical. This creates a wide array of jazz subgenres. A few central jazz elements unite nearly all forms of jazz, including swing music, big band, bebop, and cool jazz.

The beauty of jazz is that it has hints of every genre of music, from blues to rock to classical, it leads to the creation of a wide array of jazz subgenres including swing music, big band, bebop, and cool jazz.

What does jazz music sound like?

The influence of jazz can be lasting but there are three major forms of jazz music that

Distinctive rhythms: Traditional jazz rhythms are known for their swinging eighth notes, where the first note in an eighth note pair gets added emphasis and the second note is lighter. Meanwhile, Latin jazz, which is built on the music of the Caribbean, does not swing often borrowed from Afro-Cuban traditions.

Harmonic sophistication: Jazz music rarely uses three-note triads that define pop, country, and folk music. Nearly all jazz chords feature this tone and many include tensions from different notes

Improvisation: The spirit of improvisation unites nearly all forms of jazz music. All members of a jazz band, from players of lead instruments to the rhythm section to lead vocalists, may be called upon to improvise over a jazz tune and this is what leads to a genius master result,

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