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Chasing Your Dreams And Passions

April 22, 2022    7 min read

Dream is a five letter word that can be comforting and appalling at the same time. The otherwise mundane realities of our lives are immediately transformed when we close our eyes and spur our imagination to bring alive everything we would like to be or achieve.

Dreams fill us with purpose and our passion to follow our dreams help us realize it. Our lives would be mundane if we had to go on living on autopilot without ever asking ourselves, ‘What is my dream? What is my passion?’

For parents and teachers, it is important to believe in their children’s dreams while they are young instead of mocking them for being unrealistic. It is important to help them understand the spirit of pursuing what they like and what they are inherently good at while being patient enough to help them overcome their weaknesses. We have created a small guide that will help parents and education have conversations that will help keep children motivated and set realistic goals for themselves.

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The 1-2-3 guide to finding your dreams is a great conversation start for children of all ages

First - Define The Dream

From being a scientist to standing first in class, let your children define their dream. This will also be a helpful exercise in helping them identify their interests. In later years, when they enter the professional world this exercise will help them become more decisive with a clear vision.

Second - Guide Them Right

As the good ol’ saying goes, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ but for children the way becomes clearer when someone helps them find the right path. The trick is to not sound pushy or go against their needs just find them a path that is aligned with their talent and aptitude.

Third - Understand Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Give honest feedback but do not be critical. As they grow they will display new talents and will also become aware of their own weaknesses. Always be supportive, irrespective of their ability to deliver on the set expectations for them. Encouragement will go a long way in helping them nurture their unique selves

Wasn’t this helpful? Did we ever know the value of our dreams? Whether a child or an adult keeping a fun joyful spirit is more important. For those who are looking for more insightful tips head to Practically’s The Learning Lobby. Practically has brought learning alive and has helped students feel at ease while they are studying. Taking a step ahead in the direction of well being, Practically has addressed some of the most pressing issues with, ‘The Learning Lobby.’ The monthly initiative has ensured that parents, teachers and educators are equipped with the right guidance given by renowned experts to create a progressive learning environment for students. Till date we have addressed various topics from managing stress seamless to creating better focus.

For our April session, please find the Youtube link for The Learning Lobby here:

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