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Practically Wishes All Teachers a Happy Teachers’ Day

September 3, 2021    7 min read

In 1967, a beloved teacher’s students and friends approached him and requested him to allow them to celebrate his birthday. He said, "instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege, if 5th September is observed as Teachers' day".

The birth anniversary of this great teacher - Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan has been observed as Teachers Day in India, to show our appreciation towards the contribution made by teachers to the society. He was a staunch believer of education and was a well-known diplomat, scholar, the President of India and above all, a teacher.

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, let us recognize the value of teachers who have done a phenomenal job towards ensuring continued learning despite the lack of a comprehensive and robust tool to address the needs of principals, teachers, students, and parents, which is also cost-effective.

With blended learning here to stay, Practically School Solution serves as the best solution to empower teachers to closely monitor the progress of each student while using immersive learning tools to engage them better. It is the best free app for online teaching. The solution offers teaching material streamlined by topic and with course material online across STEM subjects for grades 6-12. Here are the key features of the Practically School Solution:

  • The Virtual Classroom Management System features make scheduling and conducting of classes, from anywhere, any time and on any device easier. Teachers can connect and collaborate with students in the same way as they would in a physical classroom. For virtual sessions, it also provides Zoom and Google Meet licenses to teachers. Teachers and students can refer to recordings if they have missed out on sessions or to revisit concepts. The exhaustive content library covers all major boards along with test preparation features and live classes. This helps students develop a holistic understanding of STEM concepts for enhanced learning outcomes and performance in competitive tests. The Practically School Solution additionally offers features like reports, polls, analytics, assigning homework, etc. which supports the teacher to closely monitor the progress of each student.
  • With the Practically School Solution, teachers can get free access to the Exhaustive Content Library and Course Material of 3,000+ videos and 1,000+ simulations & Augmented Reality (AR) covering a universal curriculum. Learning intertwined with immersive storytelling and real-life examples and by providing experiential learning, every student benefits from Practically with distraction-free classes that enable over 90% retention of concepts!
  • Exam prep is the most crucial part of any learning journey. Test preparation online can be a difficult task. Fortunately, our Test Prep And Reports give teachers the freedom to conduct tests chapter or subject-wise with automated test papers and report card generation to help keep track of each student’s performance. The Practically School Solution includes features such as reports, test-preps, polls, analytics, assigning homework, etc. it empowers the teacher to closely monitor the progress of each student.

The solution, with its Don’t Just Learn, Learn Practically approach, enhances student engagement in a physical classroom or online. Designed to Bring learning Alive, Practically is the only such app in the world that combines game engine, immersive learning assets, and AI-assisted study buddy in one compact cross-platform app.

Currently, over 400,000 students in 350+ schools with 18,000 teachers in India and the Middle East are using Practically School Solution to conduct online classes during the pandemic.

With the Practically School Solution, teachers are equipped with a new-age e-learning solution full of hi-tech, hi-touch features. Thanks to Practically School Solution, teachers have been able to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic and teach in a more exciting and controlled manner.

Recently, Practically tied up with Almoe Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd India, a part of Dubai-based Almoe, to provide FREE access to Practically School Solution. Through this partnership, Almoe will assist Practically to offer immersive content and learning experiences through its innovative Practically School Solution to 3000 schools where 50,000 Promethean and Specktron Interactive Displays are already in use.

Practically has also tied up with TRSMA, CSMA and RUPSA (private school organisations across Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) as the exclusive online learning partner to offer FREE access Practically School Solution and avoid education disruption during COVID. With high quality content - 3D videos, augmented reality modules, test preparation, and live simulations etc, the partnership will benefit 2.62 lac teachers, 35.2 lac students across 10,600 schools in the three states.

We thank all teachers for their dedication and commitment towards education this Teachers’ Day. If you are a teacher, we want to make your life better with the best and free online teaching app. Download the Practically app today and explore how to Bring Learning Alive for your students!

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