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Practically Launches Free Teacher App On Teachers’ Day

September 7, 2021    7 min read

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, Practically has launched a teacher app as a part of the Practically School Solution (PSS) suite. The app, integrated into the existing Practically app, and the revamped teacher web portal have been launched to support the blended model of learning and any teacher from anywhere can access it. Along with the revamped teacher web portal, the app is more user friendly and will better the student interaction process for teachers. It offers a premier classroom experience with easy and user-friendly features to promote better interaction and engagement with students. Teachers can conduct classes via app or the teacher web portal depending upon their convenience. Moreover, apart from school teachers, any teaching professional across the world can enable their offline and online classes and benefit from highly immersive and engaging content via the solution, absolutely free.

With blended learning here to stay, the app serves as the best solution to empower teachers to closely monitor the progress of each student while using immersive learning tools to engage them better. It is the best free app for online teaching. The solution offers teaching material streamlined by topic and with course material online across STEM subjects for grades 6-12. Here are the key features of the new app:

  • The app eases the otherwise tedious processes involved in online and offline teaching-learning for teachers and students by enabling sessions and classroom creation in two easy steps. With the simplified classroom setup and user interface, teachers can now share classroom IDs or just a link with students to enter their virtual classroom.
  • The app offers free access to a vast content library with an exhaustive list of 3D videos, simulations and AR experiences. Tests can be customised by grade, chapter or subject with numerous quizzes, learning packages and state-of-the-art analytics to review the student engagement and performance.
  • The app allows to create a one off or recurring session at a designated time with automatic notifications sent to students making scheduling a breeze!
  • The app allows teachers to create and upload their own material for students to refer to while ensuring secure access to their content. Alternatively, they can share the relevant and readily available Practicaly content like AR, games, PDFs, simulations or videos with the provision of bookmarks for quick reference.
  • Now teachers can easily assign tasks to students, generate assignments, upload documents and create question banks while automating evaluation and publishing of results.

The all-in-one integrated app and revamped teacher web portal offers a complete solution catered to the academic needs of teachers and students for an engaging classroom experience. Through this platform, Practically will deliver the best learning experience that enables better student-teacher interface, higher attention spans and better learning outcomes. The app will help teachers use immersive visuals, storytelling techniques and analytics to ensure concept clarity with instant doubt resolution thus making both online and physical classes more engaging and effective.

We thank all teachers for their dedication and commitment towards education this Teachers’ Day. If you are a teacher, we want to make your life better with the best and free online teaching app. Download the Practically app today and explore how to Bring Learning Alive for your students!

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