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Animals That Are Unique Beyond Your Imagination

September 3, 2021    7 min read

With almost 7.77 million animal species on our home planet, it's an undeniable fact that the animal kingdom is a diverse place, full of unheard of and amusing species. The extraordinary stuff our fauna can do are often unknown to humans. From furry cute creatures with human-like fingerprints to animals who enjoy getting tipsy, these amazing and mysterious characteristics of animals are sure to amaze even the greatest animal lovers out there.

The Cute Koalas Are A Little Human Too!

Source: Steemit

Koalas may not have a lot in common with us, but if you've ever looked closely, you'd observe that they have fingerprints that are just the same as that of humans. When it comes to the unique loops and arches, they're so identical that in Australia, police often fear that criminal investigations may have been hindered by koala prints. Sounds funny? But it's actually true.

Puffins Are Smarter Than You Think!

Source: Scientific American

Puffins already have ample features to be proud of, including their beautiful beaks, but the seabirds also happen to be quite smart. A 2019 study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) reveals that Puffins were seen using a small wooden stick to scratch their bodies. Imagine how funny it would be to witness a little puffin picking up a tiny twig to scratch a tickling spot on its belly?

The Tipsy Chimps Squad!

Source: Live Science

If you think humans are the only living beings who enjoy drinking alcohol, then you are wrong. A 2015 study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science discloses that chimpanzees like drinking fermented palm sap and enjoy getting tipsy in the process!

Pigeons Can Do Math!

Source: NBC News

You might think of a pigeon as just a bird. But it turns out, they're actually very intelligent, maybe more than us human beings! Well, a study published in 2011 in the Journal Science revealed that pigeons are talented enough to do math at the same level as monkeys. In this study, the pigeons were asked to differentiate nine images, each containing a different number of objects. You won't believe what happened next! The researchers found that the pigeons were able to classify the images in the exact order of the number of objects they contained. This led to the conclusion that the birds could count!

Wrapping Up

If you're someone who is curious and loves to read about animals and their amazing habits, stay tuned with us. We will be back with unheard animal traits and facts in our Animal Kingdom series.

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