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Learn About The Significance of Jan 2: The Science Fiction Day

December 30, 2021    7 min read

Celebrated on January 2nd every year, Science Fiction Day is a day that celebrates the engaging world of science fiction. On this day, people celebrate all forms of Sci-Fi including literature, art, television shows, and films made in this genre. It is also a good day to recognize some of the writers that have contributed to this genre. Some popular names are Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Rod Serling, Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick, and Charles Stross.

The date of the festival recognizes the birth of renowned sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov. An American author and Boston University professor of biochemistry, Isaac Asimov was born Isaak Yudovich Ozimov on January 2, 1920. He was most popular for his works of sci-fi and his well-known science books. Isaac Asimov, whose works are followed by many, passed away on April 6, 1992. This day is also an ode to his rare works of Sci-Fi that resonates with his fans even today.

National Science Fiction Day – What is Science fiction?

“Fiction” denotes stories that aren’t based on real lives. It puts together mysteries, imagination, futuristic science, fantasy, technological advances, chick lit, frequently depicting space or time travel, and life on other planets are all fiction genres.

The History of National Science Fiction Day

National Science Fiction Day is celebrated on this date very early in the year for a good reason. January 2 was the date that was chosen to correspond with the official birth date of famed science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. Who was responsible for some incredible works of science fiction during his lifetime, such as “Nightfall” and the “Foundation Trilogy”.

Isaac Asimov, originally a biochemist, was known to be one of the most prolific writers of all time, having written or edited more than 500 books. He is widely considered a master of hardcore science fiction and was a long-time member and Vice President of Mensa International. His dedication to scientific accuracy was to be envied.

How to Celebrate?

  • Read your favorite science fiction authors, watch science fiction movies and hold science-fiction themed parties.
  • Attend a short story and book reading that bookstores and libraries hold to showcase the works of classic and new science fiction authors.
  • Encourage young readers in your life to pick up a science fiction book or short story to read.

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