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Celebrating National Cheese Day

June 3, 2022    7 min read

Say ‘Cheese’ and enjoy your piece too! Who doesn’t enjoy a slice of cheese either with their sandwiches or with their pasta or lavishly spread on their pizza. June 4th is the National Cheese Day and today we celebrate ‘all things cheesy.’

Cheese making is an extremely ancient craft and most believe it originated from the deserts of the Middle Eastern region and was discovered accidentally. Cheese is made out of milks and ever since has evolved to offer many delicious varieties. It is also an amazing source of protein and calcium that can help strengthen bones and teeth if consumed in moderation, excessive binging is not recommended at all when it comes to cheesy products.

France particularly has emerged as one of the largest consumers of gourmet cheese whereas Italians are known to make their cuisines even more delicious with cheese. For those who didn’t know, there are over 2000 varieties of cheese and cheese caves are a real thing!

Fun facts about cheese:

- Cheese existed even before the written language came into being
- The biggest and heaviest cheese was 32 feet long.
- People who are extremely fond of cheese are called turophiles
- June is the National Dairy Month and the National Cheese Day

Cheese is loved by all and the three cartoon characters who love cheesy foods the most are.
Jerry, the Mouse
Tom and Jerry are loved by all, their silly fights and the tiny mouse’s love for cheese. Jerry’s antics have made us laugh for ages but the only thing that can win over the naughty Jerry is a happy bite of his favourite cheese

Lasagna loaded with cheese is this sluggish cat’s all time favorite. The extra cheesy lasagna can make or break our favourite sluggish cat’s day.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Armed with their pizza slices the mutant ninja turtles are here to save the day. Our childhood heroes have left a lasting impression on us and the ninja turtles have always been on the forefront.
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