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Common Questions

What happens after the end of a free trial?

You will be offered easy and affordable subscription options at the end of the free trial. Please upgrade to one of the paid packages to continue maximize the benefits from our unique e-learning app.

Can I upgrade or cancel my subscription whenever I want?

You can choose to upgrade your subscription anytime. However, any kind of subscription purchase is not eligible for cancellation & refund.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can! Our monthly subscription packages are priced at extremely affordable rates, and we also offer EMI options for our annual subscriptions. You can avail of these options at the time of checkout.

How am I charged?

You are charged minutes every time you watch a video or use seek help on the app. The minutes consumed are proportional to the amount of time you have used these services. For videos, you will be charged anywhere between 0.5x to 2x of the length of time watched. The amount you will be charged would be indicated on the top of the video in terms of “coins”. You will see half a coin, three-fourth of a coin, one coin or two coins on the top of a video. For example, if you watch 6 minutes of a video which has half a coin charge rate then you will be charged 3 mins of time from the minutes you have left on the app. If the charge rate on top of the video is two coins then you will be charge 12 minutes of time left.

You will NOT be charged minutes for any other activity on the app. You earn 75 XPs for every video you watch. You will be charged 25 XPs for every Simulation / AR you play and earn back 15 XPs once you complete the objectives associated with the XPs.

What are XPs? Where are XPs earned and where are they spent?

XPs are experiential points. They can be earned and used in the app. XPs can be earned by watching videos, for example: you will earn 75 XPs per every video you watch more than 3 minutes, you get 50 XPs by referring a friend to the app. You also earn some XPs you earn every time you win a challenge with a friend, take a chapter test or subject test.

XPs can used to purchase minutes if you are running out of minutes or can be used to watch simulations / AR in the app. You spend 25 XPs per AR/Simulation every time you play and get back up to 15 XPs back every time you complete the objectives associated with an AR/Simulation.

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Teacher App

Practically – Teacher is a free teaching tool for schools and institutes to augment their explanation of Math and Science concepts and to guide student learning in the classroom and at home.

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  • Theory material
  • Concept videos
  • Simulations / Experiments
  • Pre-packaged Assessment
  • To-do assignments
  • Students performance analytics
Includes FREE Teacher App

Virtual Classroom

Practically – VC is a one stop virtual classroom solution for any school or institution to start online classes.

  • Unlimited virtual classes anytime, anywhere
  • Student attentiveness monitor
  • Integrated content library
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Frequently asked questions

Can we decrease / increase number of bulk licenses of Virtual Classroom within subscription period?

Yes. You can increase or decrease the number of licenses during the subscription period in a monthly payment package. For yearly option, you can increase the licenses anytime, you cannot decrease the licenses in the middle of the subscription period.

Will it be possible to cancel the virtual classroom subscription before the subscribed period?

No. We offer a trial period for the Virtual Classroom platform post a trial. Hence, do not offer cancellations to the subscription in the middle of the subscription period.

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