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Why Children Should Learn Coding Today

February 04, 2021    7 min read

At Practically, we approach coding as a life skill. This includes understanding computer fundamentals and solving complicated algebraic equations with the power of coding through Practically’s online coding classes for children. We go deep into applying code towards STEM concepts, evaluate data patterns and create intelligent objects.

Our objective is to change the way the world learns while keeping abreast of the needs of the future workforce who is currently in schools. Recent studies put coding at the forefront of future professions. In a few years, knowing how to code will be equivalent to knowing how to read. So why is coding so important for the future?

Here are 5 reasons why every child should learn to code:

1) Code is a language

Coding is a language on its own. Individuals who know and communicate in more than one language have improved memory, critical thinking, basic reasoning abilities, higher focus, and better listening abilities & the capacity to perform multiple tasks. Children should be exposed to multiple languages at an early age. It encourages them to comprehend their general surroundings better. Practically online coding classes will help the child get future-ready.

2) Coding encourages imagination and problem solving

There is no right way to code; you can build your own specific algorithm to get the desired outcome. This idea demonstrates to kids that there is no one way to do anything thus giving them the encouragement to try different methods to achieve the same goal. By testing, kids learn and strengthen their minds. In any case, when they commit an error, they learn something new! Kids can be innovative while coding and this has its own advantages. Innovativeness is essential for any process and gives rise to new ideas. Coding is giving a set of instructions to a computer to perform certain actions towards getting a certain result. To design these instructions, coders usually break down the issue into small parts. Live classes by Practically help to develop analytical skills, and kids can apply the same principles when solving problems in other subjects and different spheres of life.

3) Coding assists with developing and improving Math abilities

Math is a foundational life skill. Coding helps kids to imagine theoretical ideas, allows them to have fun with math & apply the theorems in their real life. It removes the fear out of Math and enables them to feel confident in this most important topic which forms the base for all STEM subjects. Introducing this language to your kid at an early age can help polish their analytical capabilities, and they will solve their problems with logic and reasoning. Practically, self-learning app, offers coding classes for kids across all age-groups.

4) Coding opens door to sought after career prospects

Coding opens doors to many professions. Coding is an unquestionable requirement for the jobs of the future and is getting increasingly more significant. Particularly with the world moving towards digitalization, even the smallest organizations require workers with sound computational skills to deal with their online businesses. Consequently, later, and even today, individuals who can code have a considerable edge over the individuals who don't.

5) Boosts Confidence

If you have ever coded yourself, you would know about the adrenaline rush when your code runs effectively. Indeed, this is the sort of motivation your child will enjoy if their code is successful. Having the option to try different things with various capacities and building up your item can be a major confidence booster for individuals of all ages. At the point when a child figures out how to code, they not only learn Practically, they will also feel more positively about their capabilities and additionally ready to try different things.

Parents/teachers should adopt a more experiential way of learning for their children as it will help them learn quickly along with boosting the retention to more than 90% which in turn will boost their self-confidence. Building confidence and an individual's feeling of self-worth is significant for progress. At the point when children feel certain and secure, they are bound to succeed in school and accomplish individual objectives. This helps them become well-adjusted citizens and contribute to the growth of society as well. More significantly, having a good mental self-portrait helps a kid feel upbeat and equipped for keeping up with relationships that are the bedrock for success in all spheres of life.

Having youngsters pick up coding at a young age helps them not only prepare for the future but make sense of the present world in which they live. Coding can be fun once you get the hang of it.

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