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Experiential Learning Brings Learning Alive Practically

January 23, 2021    7 min read

We have all heard of the adage, 'Experience is the best teacher.' But now this old adage is evolving into something more. It's shaping the very future of education. Learners will no longer be at the side-line, watching things from afar; instead, they will be immersed in the experience and be a part of experiential learning.

Interactive simulations, field experience, visuals, augmented reality, immersive learning are the different types of experiential learning. Practically is built on Edgar Dale’s ‘Cone of Learning’; we retain 10% of what we read, 50% of what we see and hear and increasingly more to 90% when we learn by doing. The more dramatic the experience, the more lasting the recall and most concepts which are dry can be taught with experiential learning. Let's look at how Practically, the first experiential learning app in India makes these mediums more efficient and useful for students and teachers.

  • Videos – Visuals help with increased retention ability keeping you attentive. From differential equations, tangents, accelerated motion to displacement, working of a human heart and so much more; it can now be better understood through the use of high-quality 3D videos.
  • Simulations – The almost realistic adaptation of concepts from Math and Science as simulations will take your learning experience to another level. Simulations deepen your understanding and leave a lasting impact for better application.
  • Augmented Reality – We are leaving behind the days when you would learn about the parabola through a 2-D model in your books. On Practically, you can use augmented reality to learn about parabola through a 3-D model. Learning through augmented reality is not just limited to Math, but it works wonders for other subjects like Chemistry and Physics as well. 

Experiential learning is an educational technique that is garnering a lot of interest and is only growing day by day. Every child is unique and we can't expect each of them to learn at the same pace. Experiential learning allows them to learn at their own pace. Online learning plays an important role here as well. Using experiential learning, students will not only learn at their own pace but also develop self-confidence in the process. It instils an increased curiosity and supplements the teachings in school. This put the students right on the road to success. 

The scope of experiential and self-learning is exceptionally vast and is continuously evolving. Education is now shifting online, and so can you with the help of the bes immersive and experientiallearning app, Practically. 

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