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Top 3 Diwali DIY Craft Ideas To Add Fun To Your Diwali

October 29, 2021    7 min read

One of the most widely celebrated Indian festivals, Diwali is almost here. Diwali is celebrated to honor and celebrate the return of Lord Rama and the triumph of good over evil. It is also said that the Goddess of prosperity "Lakshmi" visits people's homes during Diwali. To welcome her, people clean their homes, light up charming light lamps, and set up colourful garlands on doors.

Diwali brings a rush of excitement and everyone is ready to light beautiful diyas, create intrinsic rangoli patterns and use decorative lights. It's safe to say that kids enjoy this festival the most, as it is all about togetherness and fun.

This year as we become more environmentally conscious and make the most of our time together, why not indulge in craft, play and learning. You can engage your kids in sensory learning through colours and papers; help them build their co-ordination skills and most of all teach them teamwork through simple and practical DIYs. From using waste material to colouring, help your child uncover their creative medium with these beautiful Diwali-themed crafts.

On top of this, it will make your home look prettier during the festival of lights with handmade embellishments

  1. Diya Painting

    Diya being synonymous with Diwali adds fervour to the spirit of the auspicious festival. Families set out Diyas around every corner of their homes. So, why not create a bright and colorful Diya on your own?

    Well, kids love colouring. So, hand them some diyas and let them paint them with the colours of their choice!

    What you need:

    Earthen diyas

    How to make:

    • Use a marker or a sketch pen to make designs on the surface of the diya.
    • Once done with the design, use paint colours and different-sized brushes to fill each section with different colours.
    • Once you paint the diyas, leave them out in the sun to dry completely. Your colourful diyas are now ready to sprinkle its glimmer.

    Source: Shutterstock

  2. Hanging Decorations

    While most people use the old school idea of ribbons and strings to make hanging decorations during Diwali, you can try something new instead. Add some creativity to your decorations by using everyday material.

    What you need:

    Empty toilet paper rolls
    Various patterned papers
    Colourful threads

    How to make:

    • Apply glue to the rolls, and cover them with different types of patterned papers.
    • Take the threads, and intertwine them in numerous ways to create colourful braids.
    • Spread out the strands at the end to give a tasselled look.
    • Glue these threads to one end of the roll.
    • On the other end of the roll, make a hole on one side and tie a small thread to it.
    • Hang it by your door or inside the house.

    Source: Colors Papers

  3. Diwali Greeting Card

    Say no to the readymade greeting cards from the market, and make some personalised ones for each relative together with your kids

    What you need:

    Blank cards or solid papers
    Coloured papers with different patterns

    How to make:

    • Use crayons to colour the cards, and create a base shade for different cards. Then, use paints or other crayons to start illustrating diyas on the front. Unleash your creativity by drawing fireworks, sweets, or anything related to the Diwali theme.
    • If your child is too young, you can also take a print of his palm on each card and write a Diwali greeting. Do clean your baby’s palms later!
    • Write personalised wishes to your relatives, and you’ll be thrilled with their response!


We are sure that these simple DIY ideas will all go a long way to make your Diwali bright, sparkly, and filled with colour! For more such fun DIY activities, stay tuned to our series and unveil some fun projects and crafts that can help you learn concepts by experiencing them.

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