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The Learning Lobby: 5 Simple Tips To Increase Focus And Productivity

February 25, 2022    7 min read

Focus is one of the most important skills and it inarguably determines our future success. In the era of multitasking, staying focused on one key task will enable you to get things done faster and more productively. What we aren’t taught is the training required to increase focus and decrease distraction. We have to train our monkey mind to stop paying attention to things that are vying for our attention when we are studying, playing or even engaged in a meeting. Phone notifications, constant chatter or social media addiction simply come in our way of productivity.

How do we then increase our focus in the era of the internet? Here are a few simple tips put together by our expert, Trapti Gandhi who has shared her keen insights following her years of experience in the field of psychology.

Understand your personality type

Are you a hustler or someone who likes to take their own time in completing tasks gradually? Understand what makes you anxious and chart out your strengths. A daily reflection of ten minutes will give you a fair idea.

Start with simple exercises

Mornings are important and getting out of bed overwhelmed or anxious will not help your cause. Start the day with basic stretches or a run preferably in nature. This will make you look forward to the day.

Set an hourly reminder for your critical tasks

We are habituated to leave our critical tasks behind and rather focus on doing easier things first. Create an hourly reminder to check your progress on difficult tasks. It will help you stay aligned and finish your to-do list in time.

Set daily goals

Create a daily goal sheet. Mention all your tasks ranging from basic cleaning to most important tasks. Your daily goals will determine your productivity levels.

Seek help from an expert

At times, we aren’t able to give our 100% owing to some pressing issues that we are unable to discuss openly. Seek help from a professional who can help you overcome challenges and clear your mind to take the next step ahead.

Practically has brought learning alive and has helped students feel at ease while they are studying. Taking a step ahead in the direction of well being, Practically has addressed some of the most pressing issues with, ‘The Learning Lobby.’ The monthly initiative has ensured that parents, teachers and educators are equipped with the right guidance given by renowned experts to create a progressive learning environment for students. Till date we have addressed various topics from managing stress seamless to creating better focus.

For our February session, please find the Youtube link for The Learning Lobby here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjbKCi430Bg

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