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The Learning Lobby Carving Your Own Unique Path

August 19, 2022    7 min read

The age old cliché of being true to yourself is honestly the best way to be. We never truly realise how gifted and special we are unless we learn to appreciate our uniqueness. While we may have grades and ranks in school and other competitions, in reality, those who can remain undefeated are real winners. Each one of us has talents that make us special and it is important to never underestimate our capabilities to rise above a situation.

The prevalent influence of social media and constant comparison to our peers does make us doubt our abilities. To break the cycle, it is best to understand yourself better and carve your own unique path instead of chasing trends.

For those who are wondering how can we do so, here are a few tips to get started

1. Find out what’s unique about you

Reflect on your unique talents and capabilities. From dancing to math, there have to be talents and abilities that give you an edge over others. Own your talent and build on them. It is also to understand your weaknesses.

2. Understand your goals

Your goals are your parameters to measure your progress. They ought to keep you motivated and not stress you. Understand your own unique goals and understand how you would like to achieve them. Decide your own path and work hard towards it. When in doubt, always remember why you started out in the first place and give your 100% irrespective.

3. Learn from others but don’t compare

We are all genetically wired differently. Some of us are thinkers and some are doers. It is best to learn from each other but avoid comparison. There is no point comparing our strengths and weaknesses to those of others. It will most likely lead in disappointment.

Following these three simple tips will definitely help you understand yourself better. At Practically, we have started our series called ‘The Learning Lobby’ that will help you tackle day to day things like stress, time management etc. If you haven’t seen it already, please head to our Youtube channel and hear experts from across fields.

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