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Importance Of National Sports Day

August 26, 2022    7 min read

In India, we celebrate the National Sports Day on August 29th every year. It marks the birth anniversary of our veteran hockey player Major Dhyan Chand. He was a name synonymous with excellence in the Indian and International hockey circuit. Born Dhyan Singh, he was sincerely dedicated to hockey, it's a well known fact that after finishing his duties in the day he would carry on with his practice at night, a reason which earned him the name 'Chand' signifying the moonlight that kept him going.

Hockey being our national sport was brought to fame and glory by many gifted players and Dhyan Chand is one of them, his consecutive Olympic wins and 400 career goals were a mark of serious effort and training. His legacy is an inspiration to many players till date. The world of sports honours his achievements, sincerity and dedication.

Over the years, India has evolved and has created many talented players across games. We have recently witnessed exceptional wins across competitions creating a distinct name for ourselves. Children right from a young age are being encouraged to follow an active lifestyle. We now have players representing India in different indoor and outdoor games in prestigious events locally and globally.

While sports is an important part of our lives, it is essentially less focused on winning and more focused on remaining undefeated. The cultivation of sportsman spirit enables us to overcome challenges and strive harder whether on field or off it. Sports teaches us to not give up and value the opponent, develop a presence of mind and live in the moment. It shows us that our minds and our bodies are capable of achieving the unfathomable through perseverance.

The National Sports Day is a reminder to not underestimate the importance of play. While work is essential, it is important to keep ourselves active through play as well. Staying active keeps us going. From swimming to football to even chess, our minds are active and we learn the essence of teamwork by engaging in one form of sports or the other. Our schedules are usually packed with work and studies, dedicating sometime to watch your favourite game and even play, it can instantly help us rejuvenate. To succeed in any game, we have to be prepared to seek help and practice consistently, learn from our surroundings and innovate.

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Practically celebrates our sports heroes and wishes you a very Happy Sports Day

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