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The Back To School Excitement Is Here!

June 10, 2022    7 min read

Learning is fun and schools bear testimony to this fact. A walk down the school hallway and sharing lunch boxes is the most exciting time of every student’s life. While the combination of social distancing and studying remotely did help us experience the new world of online learning, we are now geared up to go ‘back to school!’

Starting a new school year is filled with very different emotions, we are sure that most of you are nervous, while some are excited and almost everyone is looking forward to meeting their school besties in person. There are many ‘real life’ experiences that we cannot replace and human connection is one of them. With experience we now know that blended learning i.e. a combination of online and offline learning is the best way forward. For all students, this only indicates that we can now enjoy the best of digital and real life experiences.

While most of you are preparing your school bags and buying new stationery, to help you be better prepared, we have put together a few tips for your easy reference:

Stay Safe and Follow The Rules

We know that hugging your besties and sitting mask free is so liberating but we have to stay safe and cautious. Mask up when required, wash your hands from time to time and ensure you follow the rules of physical distancing.

Stay Hydrated

It’s easy to forget that your water bottle is right next to you and a sip of H2O from time to time, will do you good! Ensure you keep yourself hydrated irrespective of the weather outside.

Be Kind To Your Friends And Classmates

Not everyone will feel the same way and returning to school may be hard on some students. Practice kindness and ensure you provide others with help and support.

Ask For Help

When feeling lost or confused, ask your teachers or student counselors for help. Be open with your parents about experience in school and never suffer in silence. Remember this has to be a happy experience where you are supposed to enhance your learnings.

Make Learning Fun

On Practically, we have endeavored to bring you content that is 3D, AI enabled and immersive to turn your dry STEM subjects into fun learning experiences. Along with your classroom learning, you can always log on to the app for free and make the most of the content that is created just for you . You can also try out fun quizzes and assignments and create a study plan on the app to master your studies

We at Practically wish you all the luck as you get back to school. We hope you enjoy your classroom experience and make the most of your time together with your classmates! After all these are the golden years of your life that will make the most treasured memories of your lifetime.

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