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The Inquisitive Series :
Tough Words Made Easy

February 10, 2022    7 min read

Kids just love playing quizzes! You can teach them a lot with these games. The best part is – they will not even notice that they are learning new words. No one can question the impact of word quizzes in strengthening one’s vocabulary. Classic word games like Crossword, Scrabble, Hangman, Word Searches, etc. could be some of the great examples.

This Word Power quiz can help you power up your language game. So, what are you waiting for? Get started by taking this quiz and test your knowledge.

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A: Plot of land
B: Circle of refracted sky visible to underwater divers
C: Opera song for one accompanied voice

Answer: C—Opera song for one accompanied voice
As in, “On days when she awoke in a cheery mood, Lesley would sing arias from L’elisir d’amore in the shower.”


A: Tall vase on a pedestal
B: Sea eagle
C: White fur made from ermine

Answer: B—Sea eagle
As in, “An erne snatched a fish from just under the water’s surface.”


A: Emperor of Russia
B: Traitor
C: Successful entrepreneur

Answer: A—Emperor of Russia
As in, “DNA from living relatives was used to authenticate the suspected remains of Tsar Nicholas II.”


A: Small gold nugget
B: Mug handle
C: Point of a pen

Answer: C—Point of a pen
As in, “The secret to Derrick’s elegant handwriting was a fountain pen with a flexible nib.”


A: Distaste
B: Envy
C: Anger

Answer: C—Anger
As in, “The decision to make Parade Avenue a pedestrian-­only street drew a mixture of praise and ire from citizens.”


A: Light beige
B: Espresso foam
C: Sourdough starter leftover after baking

Answer: A—Light beige
As in, “Ondrej convinced his landlord to let him add some colour to his apartment’s ecru walls.”


A: Very dry
B: Void of air
C: Solid as a rock

Answer: A—Very dry
As in, “Having moved to an arid climate, Vikram opted not to waste water on a lawn.”


A: Tiny fish used to exfoliate feet
B: Craving to eat substances that aren’t foods
C: Hot pepper

Answer: B—Craving to eat substances that aren’t foods
As in, “Young kids aren’t usually diagnosed with pica because it’s normal for them to chew on everything.”

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