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Significance Of Online Learning Day

September 09, 2022    7 min read

National Online Learning Day is celebrated on September 15th throughout the world. Online learning day is a fairly recent addition to the curated calendar days, owing to the growing popularity of online learning over the past few years.

Online learning forms a major chunk of the edtech industry wherein a pool of learning resources and even live classes are made available to students online. The internet enables this learning process and students are seen thriving in the flexible environment that it offers them. At Practically, tech based learning or teaching has been a means of making classrooms more fun and enjoyable. It has emerged as a platform that has been beneficial for students and teachers alike because of its one of a kind immersive learning model that offers everything on one platform for students across the country.

The 'Online Learning Day' is a day for raising awareness of all of the resources and courses that are available online and to get people, young or old, investing time in their own education and upskilling. The internet has a seemingly infinite pool of information and options so it's a good time to dwell on what you'd like to learn and see which courses are available to you. National Online Learning Day celebrates the convenience and customization of online learning that always are now benefiting from.

As the world is inching towards a digital existence with concepts like mixed reality and metaverse coming to life, let's not forget that online learning has played a crucial role in acquainting us with the subtle nuances of tech. From accessibility to affordability, online learning has helped us develop a versatile approach towards learning from anywhere at anytime, irrespective of our age or experience. This however doesn't take away from the importance of schools and educators, precisely why platforms like Practically have played a revolutionary role by making the most of AI in their learning models.

On this day, let's take a step back to celebrate lifelong learning that will eventually make this world a better place and make the most of all the resources that are freely available to us in making our dreams a reality, at the end of it, all of us have a unique talent that can be honed through education and dedication.

Practically is committed to bring joy back in classrooms and innovate to ensure students and educators are benefitted from the latest technology. It reintroduces the joy of learning, spurring a child's imagination. The unique learning platform from India, has put our country on the global map with its breakthrough 3D models and interactive simulations and gamification. If you haven't checked out our app yet, do go ahead and download it from app store or google playstore now.

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