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Significance Of Friendship Day

August 05, 2022    7 min read

Haven’t we heard that ‘friends are the family we choose’? When allowed to tread in the world on our own, we create special bonds that are outside our biological support zone. This connection is called ‘Friendship’. We know that a friendship is genuine, when we support and uplift each other through thick and thin.

Our friends help make the toughest situations easier by lending us support and bringing back a smile on our face and in turn, we are also always by their side. All of us have our closest friends or our best friends who see our most vulnerable side. In many ways our friends make our lives more beautiful. Friendship is unarguably the most beautiful bond that we form and the friends we make during our younger years stay with us for life. It is believed that there are many factors which influence our friendships. We usually choose our friends that have similar interests as us, hence the phrase, ‘birds of a feather flock together.’

The origin of Friendship Day is believed to have come from Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards; he believed that friends must have a day to remind each other of their precious bond and hence he started the ritual of exchanging cards and flowers. He introduced this ritual in 1930 and ever since is followed by all youngsters across the world. Isn’t Friendship Day beautiful, filled with colourful bands and happy memories.

This time at our very own initiative. The Learning Lobby wherein we bring the best of experts from across the world, we invited Amrita Achrekar, a popular psychologist and counsellor to help us understand how we can deepen our friendships.

She shared a few simple tips for all of us to follow that ensured healthy friendships and relationships in general:

Be Yourself

There is no need to be pretentious. If you are not inclined towards an activity, then don’t indulge in it just to please your friends. It’s good to be flexible but its always better to maintain your sense of self.

Communicate Well

We are often scared of expressing our feelings. It is however important to express our feelings whether we are pleased or offended without being rude or impulsive. Communication will only deepen our relationships.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

This is the most important factor in developing lasting relations. You may excel at a few things and your friends will excel at others. It is important to develop a strong sense of self where we feel proud of ourselves and don’t constantly compare ourselves to others.

Were these tips helpful? To learn more about lasting relationships you can also login to our latest ‘Learning Lobby’ session and understand more about the importance of friendships. Watch it here.

Practically Wishes You A Happy Friendship Day!

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