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Significance of Father’s Day

June 17, 2022    7 min read

June 19th is celebrated as Father’s Day in most countries, it is a day to cherish the beautiful paternal bond. Father’s play a very important role in our lives and this day is a reminder to shower them with love, affection, and care. Most times, fathers are the unsung heroes of our daily lives.

When was the first-ever Father’s Day celebrated?

While the exact origin is unknown, it is believed that the first-ever Father’s Day celebration was proposed by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd in 1909 who believed that a father’s role in shaping a child’s life and their valued contribution is often overlooked. She decided to honour her own father who was by nature a very quiet man. Officially, this day began to be celebrated only later, once an official Mother’s Day was announced in the US. Nevertheless, most countries in the world have their own designated days to celebrate this day. For instance, countries like Taiwan and China celebrate Father’s Day on June 24th whereas countries like Australia and New Zealand celebrate it in September.

How to celebrate Father’s Day?

There is no set rule to follow on this day, the idea is to deepen your existing bond with your beloved father, and it is best to plan something that will make him feel special.

We know that the market is flooded with Father’s Day gifts, but we’d rather encourage you to go a step ahead and bring forth your creativity to make this day extra special for him.

Here are some tips to make it special for him

Personalized letters:

Handwritten notes are always unique, and it will make the man in your life feel extra loved to receive a heartfelt letter from his children. Try to pour your heart on paper and watch the magic!

An online workshop

Learning must never stop and at Practically, we have always believed in bringing you the most immersive experiences. On this day who don’t you sign up for a course in coding or learn more about Robotics along with your father! It will bring you two closer and make the experience even more fun.

DIY together

There is no better stress buster than a fun D-I-Y session with your daddy dearest. Repaint a wall, try a street mural or just create a pretty broach for his formal attire

Watch a movie together

From ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ to ‘Father Of The Bride’ there are amazing films and stories that you can watch together, just don’t forget the massive tub of popcorn along with your favourite ice cream.

While every day is Father’s Day it doesn’t hurt to go an extra mile this one day and create memories worth a lifetime.

Practically wishes you a Happy Father’s Day!

Parents are always thinking of how to provide their children with the best. We at Practically, have ensured that you always have an immersive learning solution at your fingertips to breathe life into the dry STEM subjects. While you learn new things everyday on Practically, why don’t you go ahead and share it with your father as well! Incase, you haven’t tried our app, then what are you waiting for! Download the Practically app for free on Google PlayStore or App Store and get started today.

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