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How Learning To Code Will Empower Children?

March 24, 2022    7 min read

The past two years have accelerated digitization laying a heavy emphasis on technology. Understanding the current needs of students, we at Practically approach coding as an essential life skill has been even accepted as part of curriculums now (CBSE in India) but will be extremely beneficial in the years to come. Coding can help children in many ways, if taught with emphasis on creating small applications". At Practically with our Coding++ (online coding) classes for children, we have taken this initiative a notch ahead. From understanding computer fundamentals to solving complex complex problems to designing your own app, with the power of coding, we go deep into applying code towards STEM concepts, evaluate data patterns and create impactful projects, games etc. Much like art, coding is also a way to express oneself through tech-driven products. Coding is giving a set of instructions to a computer to perform certain actions towards getting a certain result. To design these instructions, coders usually break down the issue into small parts. Our objective has always been to change the way the world learns while keeping abreast of the needs of the future workforce who are currently in schools.

To code or not to code? We have summarized 3 important reasons why every child should learn to code:

1) Coding will help spur imagination and encourage problem solving

Children love it when they can express themselves freely and openly. They learn best when they feel that what they are learning is meaningful and relevant. Coding isn't as rigid as we perceive it to be. It works with certain formulas but there is no right way to code. You can build your specific algorithm to get the desired outcome. This idea demonstrates to kids that there is no one way to do anything thus encouraging them to try different methods to achieve the same goal. Even if they go wrong and commit an error, they learn something new! Kids can be innovative while coding and that helps. Innovativeness is essential for any process and gives rise to new ideas. Live Coding classes given by Practically help to develop analytical skills, which then can be applied while solving problems in other subjects and different spheres of life. These classes will help children create the desired product (app/game/website).

2) Math and Coding go hand in hand. Coding can help improve mathematical skills

The knowledge of Math is extremely important but can be a challenge for most children. While it is believed that one should know mathematics to perfection to learn to code, it is seldom true. Coding helps kids to imagine and have fun with Math & use the theorems in their real life. In its own way, it helps them deepen their relationship with Math and enables them to feel confident. Introducing coding to your kid at an early age can help polish their analytical capabilities, and they will solve their problems with logic and reasoning. Practically offers Coding++ course for kids across all age groups helping them overcome their inherent fear of numbers.

3) Coding can lead to exciting career options in the future

Coding opens doors to many professions. As we can see the app culture is here to stay and coding is an unquestionable requirement for the jobs of the future. It is getting increasingly more significant. Particularly with the world moving towards digitalization, even the smallest organizations require workers with sound computational skills to deal with their online businesses. Consequently, later, and even today, individuals who can code have a considerable edge considering it showcases passion.

Having youngsters pick up coding at a young age helps prepare them for the highly digitized future. Coding can be fun once you get the hang of it. Does this Interest you? Explore our exclusive Coding++ course that begins in April, which will help you grasp the ‘A-Z of coding’ on the Practically app! And you can get started with just INR 375 per month, which is less than a movie outing! So what’s stopping you, enroll for our Coding++ course which includes Computer fundamentals, Scratch Programming, How to build apps, Web technologies, Python, Data science, Roblox and Android app development and bring out the coder in you!

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