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How Does Overpopulation Affect Our Planet?

October 11, 2022    7 min read

As of September 2022, and as per the most recent United Nations estimates, the current world population is approximately 7.97 billion! When it comes to countries by population, China comes first with a population of about 1,425,887,337. India holds second place amongst the most populated countries, with a population of around 1,417,173,173.

As a result of the above, overpopulation has become a pressing issue that needs immediate attention. That's because overpopulation drastically affects our planet - from deforestation to global warming to water pollution to increasing risks of pandemics to threats to other species.

The world population has been rising consistently, which brings us to the reasons for overpopulation.

Causes of Overpopulation

Falling Infant Mortality Rate
Globally, the infant mortality rate has been decreasing overall. Compared to the 90s, half the deaths are recorded amongst infants. While this is a significant achievement for us as human beings, the fall in the infant mortality rate is one of the reasons why the world population is on the rise.

Less Female Education

India's heart lies in rural areas and due to less access to education, girls and women are not really encouraged to be financially independent or challenge conventions. Many of them are forced to or are willing to keep having children until they have a male child.

A significant part of the world's population is poor. Many underprivileged families think that the more family members, the more the people can bring in income.

Better Agriculture & Medical Facilities
Technological advancements have made medical facilities and agricultural equipment more sophisticated and efficient. It has increased the average life span, so now, we can feed more people than we could.

How do we address the overpopulation problem?

While the total population of the world is on the rise, there are steps we can take to combat this issue.

Family Planning:
Family planning is essential at every level - from an individual to the family to the state to the country. Taking responsibility ensures that we do our bit for the planet.

Adoption doesn't just give a home to those who are looking for it. It is also an effective strategy against overpopulation.

Access to education can change mindsets and, in turn, change our planet for the better.

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