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Fun Math Riddles to Tickle Your Brain

July 8, 2021    7 min read

Solving puzzles is fun and helps us learn. Math puzzles for kids are especially useful as they give your child’s learning a boost in many ways and help them engage with numbers (and enjoy it!) from a young age. With math being such an important life skill, puzzles are great way to induct them into the exciting world of numbers and set them up for success in the long term. In this edition of Tickle Your Brain, we have 5 math puzzle questions for kids to try ranging from very easy to challenging. Are you ready to tickle your brain?

  1. The school bus is full of your friends as you head to school for a day of fun and learning. Your school is not far from home and on the way you see many beautiful houses. If you count 20 houses on your right while going to school and 20 houses on your left while coming back from schools, how many houses did you count?

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    A) 20, because it’s the same 20 houses which were on your right that are on the left while coming back! That was a tricky one. It will get easier, we promise! So keep going.

  3. Family time is so much fun and watching a movie together is a great way to spend time together and bond. A grandfather, 2 fathers and 2 sons went to the movie theater together and everyone bought one ticket each. How many tickets did they buy in total?

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    A) 3 (the grandfather is also the father and the father is also the son). We hope the men had a fun day out together!

  4. What can you put in between 7 and 8 which makes it more than 7 but less than 8?

    A) A decimal point (7.8>7 and 7.8<8). That is a smart one! It must surely be getting easier! The more you do these, the better you will get at it!

  5. Using only addition, how can you 8s to get the total of 1000?

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    A) 888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1000

  6. Everyone loves snacks! Eating something during study breaks, can be a good way to get ready for the next session. But before you go hunting for some snacks, solve this!

    Source: freepik
    A) Chips=14, Pretzel=14, Cookie=8, Popcorn=13 so the answer is 222. Now reward yourself with that snack you were thinking about while solving this puzzle! Pro tip: try some healthy like a fruit or milkshake.

We hope you enjoyed those interesting puzzles! Math games and activities can help your child develop an enthusiasm for numeracy. Working on math activities, particularly at home, gives you an opportunity to practice and talk about math in a relaxed context, taking away the pressure that some children feel in the classroom and making it feel less scary! It also helps them improve academically and they can think more strategically.’

Keep coming back here for more such puzzles in our next edition of Tickle Your Brain! Learn more foundational math concepts using Practically’s 3D videos, simulations and AR, download the app now and Bring Learning Alive!

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