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3 Biggest & Strangest Mysteries About Planet Earth

July 9, 2021    7 min read

Let's first play a game today!

We will say a word, and you will have to name the most precise and accurate pictures that come to your mind after hearing that spooky word.

You must be thinking of ghosts, ghouls, and creepy places. Obviously, all of these words are synonymous with spooky but there's something you're missing…

Your Science Textbook!

Yes, that's right. The truth about the planet you call home is that it is more bizarre than you think. From dark matter to the endless universe, our world is made up of unseen external forces that humans are still not able to understand entirely. Thus, we have enough unsolved earth mysteries to discover for those who love to uncover strange mysteries!
So, in today's episode of the 'World of Amazing Facts', we are going to reveal some interesting yet strange mysteries about planet Earth that will thrill your mind.

Unexplained Mysteries of Earth

  1. The End of the World as We Know It?

    Source: Wikipedia

    Spoiler: What if we tell you that our 4.543 billion-year-old planet isn't eternal and may celebrate its last birthday sooner or later? Well, the end of the world remains one of the biggest mysteries that are still unexplained.

    The ‘Big Crunch’ theory suggests that the expansion of the universe which has been going on since the Big Bang existed will fall into the force of gravity.

    As a result, everything – planets, universes, stars – will be pulled together into a sole, dense point of mass, to the point where everything is put to an end.

    Don't be afraid though, all of this is at least a billion years away!

    But what's more concerning is that the Big Crunch is not the only theory out there about our impending extinction. Other such theories include ‘the Big Freeze’, ‘the Big Bounce’ and ‘the Big Rip’.

    The truth is nobody knows how the universe will end. Yet!

  2. The Living Clouds?

    Source: Creativecommons

    Ever noticed some dark shape-shifting clouds near the ground during the time of dusk? You won't believe this but as the clouds revolve and morph, they are positively alive. Weird? Well, that's what makes this planet rare.

    Formed by hundreds of starlings gliding in duos, this phenomenon is known as a murmuration. Scientists believe that birds generally sit and rest on this mesmerizing display. But it’s still one of the unexplained mysteries of Earth as to how, exactly, they are alive!

  3. The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle

    Source: Discover Magazine

    The oceans are full of water and full of spooky unsolved Earth mysteries that keep plaguing the minds of scientists over the years.

    One such unsolved mystery of the Earth revolves around the north Atlantic ocean where ships and planes mysteriously disappear while crossing The Bermuda Triangle. It covers around 500,000 square 1294994.06 miles between Bermuda, Miami in Florida, and San Juan in Puerto Rico.

    Over the years, the Devil's triangle has seen more than 20 planes and 50 ships vanish and crash with no obvious explanation. From supernatural activities to some logical hypotheses about magnetic compass variation, the Bermuda Triangle is one of the strangest mysteries about planet earth that still remains unsolved.

Wrapping Up

From geophysical weirdness to mystical landscapes, our planet has a lot of unsolved mysteries happening everyday. In case you're someone who loves to explore the earth, head to the Practically app. We have many amazing and life-like 3D videos, simulations, and AR experiences that can help you learn more about the Earth and the universe.

We will be back with such unheard and amazing facts about the world we live in next week on the 'World of Amazing Facts'. Stay tuned!

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