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5 Foolproof Exam Hacks To Know

March 11, 2022    7 min read

A month or two away from the exam dates and we begin to enter panic mode. Panicking only escalates as we near the final exam dates. We may have noticed that excessive fear and tension leave us jaded and disorganized. We are unable to retain what we study and often end up wasting time in regret and comparisons. To ensure we are able to give our 100% on the final day. It is important to start in advance and seek help while preparing.

For those who are looking for a headway, we have compiled 5 foolproof hacks that will help you ace your upcoming examinations.

  1. Start with a Study Plan
    The first step is making a good schedule or a plan that works well for you. You should ideally factor in the number of days you have got until the exam date and work backwards to cover your subjects. This will enable you to allocate time to study for each paper comfortably. Then decide how much time you will need to study each day uncompromising on rest, nutrition and leisure.
    Practically’s Study Plan feature is personalized based on your specific needs, classes, and learning style. With the latest feature on the app, you can prepare a study timetable, improve your learning and increase scores in just 2 easy steps
  2. Leave the best for last
    In addition to above, we have a fun hack that you shouldn’t leave behind. Most students enjoy learning and perform better on certain subjects than others. If you are a student who resonates with this then always craft your schedule in a way that the subjects that you view as difficult are taken care of right from the start. Always let your favorite subjects be a breather and revise them towards the end. This will make you balance your studies between subjects. Our next hack will enable you to have fun with even the toughest subjects.

  3. Adopt Immersive Learning Methods
    There is no specific study method that is better than the others but the traditional rote learning can be supported by immersive learning. It is believed that we retain better when we ‘learn by doing.’ Little wonder why science labs are a hotbed of innovation filled with practical knowledge. We however, can’t have 24X7 access to these facilities but we can get it at our fingertips from the comfort of our homes through the Practically app. The extensive content library on Practically is filled with AR experiences, 3D videos and immersive simulations that will help you tackle dry STEM subjects with complete ease. Staying engaged while learning will ensure that you really understand and actively remember your key concepts and topics during exams.
  4. Find yourself a Study Buddy
    It is monotonous to study alone and if you often find yourself spending more time getting doubts cleared and less time understanding the explanation then you may need someone who can assist you and make learning fun. At Practically, we have created the perfect Study Buddy who will be your perfect study partner. Proton can assist you 24/7 with real time and easy doubt solving so you can keep learning and understanding concepts as you study. Just type the query and send the message. It’s so simple! You can rely on Proton because it uses a database of research and previous searches, then helps with relevant responses across an expansive range of topics. You can even use a voice note or use images to communicate with Proton and what more it will be with you all the time.
  5. Stay Calm and Positive
    This is an age old cliche that we must never forget. Staying calm and positive is a lifelong learning for keeps. Do not try to compete with others and be honest about your own shortcomings. Create a routine that is conducive for your growth. Practice yoga, meditation and other exercises. Maintain an optimistic attitude that will help you retain and study better.
    We know you can feel the pressure and we are with you in this. We at Practically have devised solutions from Study Plan, Live Classes to Study Buddy to help you prepare better. If you want to make learning fun then check out the Practically app for more exciting content related to STEM subjects and learn experientially with lifelike 3D videos, simulations, and AR. Download the app for free today!
    Wishing you all the luck

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