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Easy tips to ace your exams

February 18, 2022    7 min read

We are nearing the time ofexams and students are preparing themselves for one of the most important exams of their lives. While there is internal and external pressure, children can ace these exams if they are sincere in their preparations. As the good ol’ saying goes, ‘Practice makes the man perfect’ it is important to ensure you are leaving no stone unturned to improve your performance.

Here are a few important tips to follow for all the young minds who will be writing their board exams this year

  1. Keep a track of time while starting your preparation

    Time is precious and for many reasons, early preparation is the best way forward. Preparing well in advance will help you map areas where you lack confidence and allow you to polish your strengths. Draw up a study plan for all subjects. We do have a ‘Study Plan’ feature on the Practically app as well. Don’t study randomly create your calendar and introduce your practice subjects like Maths and English grammar. Always stick to a timetable.

  2. Don’t underestimate your break time

    To stay efficient you have to take regular breaks and refresh yourself. You must have heard of techniques like the Pomodoro that help in increasing efficiency. Taking regular breaks every 50-60 minutes will help stay focused, fresh and alert. At times studying or sitting continuously can tire you out so stay aligned with your break time.

  3. Make conscious choices

    Staying healthy and fit is a necessity. Ideally you should include basic stretches and sometime for meditation to feel at ease. Also add a balanced diet, enough water to your routine. Limit your sugar and caffeine intake. Take proper rest and sleep on time to avoid falling sick.

  4. Practice is essential

    Solving mock papers helps you get familiar with the exam paper pattern. It also helps to improve your problem-solving speed and accuracy. It is typically the right way to start your revision. Students should time themselves. Work with a mentor or a study buddy to help you clear your doubts especially for the dreaded STEM subject.

  5. Stay positive and motivated

    Above all, start each day with a smile. The pressure will pile on but stay cheerful. Read the question paper, get familiar with every question. It creates a positive frame of mind which is essential for you to give your 100%.

We know you can feel the pressure and we at Practically have devised solutions from Study Plan, Live Classes to Study Buddy to help you prepare better. If you want to make learning fun then check out the Practically app for more exciting content related to STEM subjects and learn experientially with lifelike 3D videos, simulations, and AR. Download the app for free today!

Wishing you all the luck

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