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World Youth Skills Day :
Transforming Youth Skills For The Future

July 15, 2022    7 min read

Famous British historian and author once said, “Never tell a young person that anything cannot be done.” His belief in youth and their ability to create and innovate were undebatable.

Youth is a time to grow and develop to make the impossible or possible. For any nation, their greatest treasure is their people, the wisdom and experience of the aged and the courage of the youth when combined, creates a perfect formula for progress.

Unfortunately, many youngsters today are far from living their dream. The objective of the World Youth Skills Day is to ensure that there is greater equality and democratization of necessary skills to ensure no youngster is ever left behind.

World Youth Skills Day urges us to realign our focus on developing the youth to surpass economic and personal barriers. The World Youth Skills Day is celebrated every year on July 15th. This year the theme is, ‘Transforming Youth Skills For The Future’. It focuses on different areas where the youth of a nation can be empowered to be future ready.

Being future ready doesn’t mean that we have to just teach our children a specific skill set. It means imparting education that meets modern requirements. For instance, coding, web development, AI, sustainability, climate conditions are all important concepts to understand since school. Digitization especially is at the core of everything we do today. Giving children a platform to get comfortable with ever changing technology is essential for the nation’s growth.

Every year there is a summit held in different parts of the world to celebrate the World Youth Skills Day. This year additionally there will be a Transforming Education Summit in September 2022, that will highlight core digital skills that every child should have access to.

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