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Trivia Special: World Social Media Day

July 1, 2022    7 min read

We all are used to staying connected with our friends and receiving their life updates through social media. Today, we have a dedicated platform for all activities from photo sharing to job seeking. June 30th is celebrated as World Social Media Day every year. The day celebrates the success of social media and the connectivity it has driven over the years. From keeping us updated on the latest happenings to keeping us entertained throughout the day, social media has made life easy and has stirred a revolution. It has also helped brands, businesses, small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs with cost effective solutions for marketing and advertising their brands.

Some of the most popular social media apps that are used widely by people across the world are Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Linkedin. While the power of social media is unfathomable, this day is also a gentle reminder to strike a balance between the usage of these apps and enjoying real life moments.

For those who are intrigued by social media, here is some mind boggling trivia coming your way

- Every 60 seconds, 2,460,000 pieces of content are shared on Facebook
- 216,000 photos are published to Instagram every minute
- Pinterest achieved the 10 million unique monthly visitor milestone faster than any
- other website in history, accomplishing this impressive feat in around one year
- There are 3 billion active social media users
- More than 16 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram since launch
- Pizza is the most popular Instagrammed food
- Google has answered 450 billion unique queries since 2003

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