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Navigating Peer Influence

April 08, 2022    7 min read

Peer influence simply put is when you choose to do something because you want to fit in. It may or may not resonate with your personality but it will definitely leave you feeling accepted. When this influence becomes extremely strong it turns into peer pressure.

We may use the term ‘peer pressure’ more but peer influence is an appropriate way to describe how teenagers’ behaviour is shaped by always craving for a sense of belonging. Peer influence can be positive or negative. When motivated children can break through their limitations simultaneously when discouraged they can go into a shell or turn anti social.

There are a few helpful tips that help teens and children manage peer pressure and peer influence to avoid any ill effects in their formative years

Balance your individuality with socializing

Coping well with peer influence is about getting the balance right between being yourself and adjusting your needs to fit right with others.

Build confidence

The cliche ‘C’ of Confidence can help teenagers resist negative peer influence because confident children can make safe and well informed decisions to avoid people and situations that aren’t right for them. The easiest way to build confidence is by persevering in your tasks like studies or sports even when things are seemingly hard.

Build self-compassion

Self-compassion is related to self-care. Understanding your needs and addressing them is a form of self care. Self compassion can help teens handle any stress related to peer influence.

Learn the Art of Saying - ‘No’

Your child might need to have simpler ways to say no, especially if they’re feeling pressured to do something and cannot gather the courage to say ‘no.’ Their friends might encourage them to skip studies and play instead, for those who can’t refuse, they could say something like, ‘No, I have to stay home with my mom’ or ‘No, I am unable to focus on anything else because am unprepared for school tomorrow’

Build Positive Communication

Allow your children to speak their heart out to either you or someone else they can trust. It is anyway tough for them to be themselves considering the daily grind they go through early on. Your support or just clear open communication can help them feel at ease.

Practically has brought learning alive and has helped students feel at ease while they are studying. Taking a step ahead in the direction of well being, Practically has addressed some of the most pressing issues with, ‘The Learning Lobby.’ The monthly initiative has ensured that parents, teachers and educators are equipped with the right guidance given by renowned experts to create a progressive learning environment for students. Till date we have addressed various topics from managing stress seamless to creating better focus.

For our March session, please find the Youtube link for The Learning Lobby here:


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