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The Best Board Games From Around the World

November 25, 2021    7 min read

A healthy mix of indoor and outdoor activities is a necessity for everyone. From earlier days, families and friends would get together to entertain themselves via various games, played in different parts of the world. One of the most popular rituals was playing board games and till date, they are popular worldwide. If you have fumbled upon old Indian mythological shows like ‘Mahabharat’ wherein you would see the characters playing the game of dice or the recent Netflix forerunner ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ based on a chess prodigy, you will see how prominent these games have been.

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At present they can be classified as family games, brain teasers, party games but there are other games like ‘chess’ that have become a recognised form of indoor sport. Board games provide mental stimulation and are a great way to enjoy your leisure time.

If you enjoy playing board games as much as we do, we have compiled a list of some really popular board games from around the world seasoned with some fun facts.

  1. Ludo
    Ludo is a spin off of the Indian game Pachisi and is one of the most popular strategy board games played with a dice and two to four players. It was patented in England and largely depends on the numbers that rolled on the dice. It is a cross and circle game and surprisingly the online version of Ludo became extremely popular in India during the lockdown phase.

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  2. Chess
    Chess is said to have originated in India and to a large extent was a game of the royals. It steadily made it popular globally and is played by two players. The end goal of the game is to protect the King against all odds. It is believed that chess was developed to replicate attacks on kingdoms. It helped players develop an understanding of strategy, attack and defense.

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  3. Monopoly
    This game is also called the Capitalist board game that originated in the early 1900s. An American woman named Elizabeth Magie was deeply moved by the income inequalities and wanted to raise the issue of capitalist evil back in the day that left power vested in the hands of a few. She worked as a stenographer and made multiple drawings of the game. The game was later rediscovered by a businessman and went on to be called the Monopoly game. Today several versions of the game are widely played by kids, teens and even adults.

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  4. Catan
    As compared to the others, Catan is a fairly young game that originated in 1995 in Germany. In a very short span of time, the game became an instant hit. The game is a strategy game where all players become settlers and have to try and build and develop their own estate and holdings. As they grow their holdings and settlements they win important points.

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  5. Yo Dudo
    “Yo dudo” or “I doubt” is one of the most popular dice games played in South America. In India we haven't heard much about it but in this game each player starts having five dice and a cup, which is used for shaking the dice and concealing the dice from the other players. Also called the Liar’s game, after deciding who starts the game, the players can shake their dice in their cups, and then each player looks at their own dice, keeping their dice concealed from other players. Yo Dudo has an old world charm and can be played in many ways

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