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Take The Word Power Quiz N-Z

December 17, 2021    7 min read

Regular practice is the best way to improve your English vocabulary. Our quick quiz can help add variety to your language learning. We have put together a different set of quiz for you to try out.

This month in continuation to our previous post we highlight on the alphabet trail from n to z. So get set to give yourself a mini brain work out as you learn new words and take the 5 minute quiz that we have put together for you.

Test your knowledge by guessing the correct definitions of the following words.

1. What is the meaning of 'Stuporous'?
A-) Hunched Over
B-) Leaking
C-) Impaired
Answer: Edifice: Impaired
I can’t take medicine for my hay fever—just one pill leaves me sleepy and stuporous.

2. What is the meaning of 'Wry'?
A-) Ironically Humorous
B-) Disrespectful
C-) Made With Flour
Answer: ironically humorous
Mr. Russo’s students loved his wry sense of humor and unusual lesson plans.

3. What is the meaning of 'Purport'?
A-) Transfer
B-) Commit A Crime
C-) Claim
Answer: claim
Jack purports to be a bad singer, but he always brings down the house at karaoke.

4. What is the meaning of 'Wonton'?
A-) Wild Abandon
B-) Chinese Dumpling
C-) Great Quantity
Answer: a Chinese dumpling
I see you’ve left all the broth and eaten just the wontons.

5. What is the definition of 'Petulant'?
A-) Punctual
B-) Cranky
C-) Ominous
Answer: Cranky
She's moody and petulant.

6. What is the definition of 'Taut'?
A-) to get on top of or overcome
B-) to be motionless
C-) to be pulled tight
Answer: to be pulled tight
Be sure to hold your lid taut for the smoothest line.

7. What is the definition of 'Ubiquitous'?
A-) To emphasize or give additional weight to
B-) Being everywhere at once
C-) Superficial
Answer: being everywhere at once
He has a ubiquitous influence.

8. What is the definition of 'Retaliation'?
A-) Revenge
B-) A strong inclination or liking
C-) Physical or mental strength, vigor
Answer: Revenge
But the king's ambition was to go farther than retaliation or chastisement.

We hope you are inspired to improve your word game and vocabulary with this new word quiz. As we come to the end of this fun quiz, look out for one such new Vocabulary quiz next week on the Practically blog and improve your word knowledge.

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