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Significance Of World Music Day

June 24, 2022    7 min read

Music is a language that unites all of us. We may or may not even understand the language when we hear someone sing but the tune and the rhythm gets us grooving or touched nevertheless. Fête de la Musique or World Music Day is a celebration of music, which is an inevitable part of our lives. Originated in France to facilitate artists, today this day is celebrated globally.

In 1982, the Ministry of Culture in France worked on an idea to celebrate the wonders of music to bring people closer. They aimed at making live music accessible to everybody no matter what their race or nationality. In simpler words, people in France could attend all concerts for free on this day. Many parts of the world still follow this ritual for World Music Day.

A musician can be of any age and from any part of the world he is bound to strike whether you are young, old, new or a seasoned professional can embrace world music day with friends, family and even strangers! Depending on the cultural heritage, music involves a symphony of different instruments from Sitar to Violin to Guitar or even new age electrical instruments. Over the past years, we have adapted different forms of music where sounds can be produced via softwares as well. We today are exposed to an amazing assortment of genres from classical, techno, jazz to hip hop, R & B and even Sufi tunes.

Fun ways to celebrate World Music Day

We know that listening to music or even singing is an everyday thing for most of us. We have put together a few tips to make the most of this day

Learn a new song in another language

Learning a new language is like opening the door to a new culture altogether. Singing in another language maybe challenging at first but it will give you a glimpse of a new region and will also be a stepping stone for you to learn a new language.

Attend a music concert

There are plenty of concerts happening virtually that you can attend together with your family or friends. For those who can attend it in person, it is always a beautiful experience where you can feel the presence of a larger community.

Signup for music lessons

If you are learning music then do determine to continue and if you haven’t started learning yet then do not miss out on the opportunity to learn this beautiful language created with words and instruments weaved together with rhythm.

Practically wishes you a Happy World Music Day

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