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Significance Of Parents Day

July 22, 2022    7 min read

We love and treasure our parents the most but at times we forget how hard they work for us to keep us safe, happy and secure. Parents Day celebrated on the Fourth Sunday of July is a reminder to always cherish and be grateful to the two most special people in our lives.

There is a significant history behind Parents Day as well. It was officially established by former US president, Bill Clinton, in 1994. He felt that although fathers' day and mothers' day were in existence, there was a need to celebrate the effort of both the parents together as well. He signed a law that the fourth Sunday of July would be celebrated as 'National Parents Day'.

Every year this is a reminder for parents and children to enjoy the times together as a family and add value to each other’s lives.

How do we make this day special?

Parents Day is a beautiful occassion and often the simpler things in life will make the day extra special over grand gestures.

For those who want to know how we can make this day special, here are a few tips from us.

Plan A Picnic

Taking some time off from our regular routines and visiting a nearby park or a zoo is a great way to rejuvenate. Along with your family, do plan a day out together. It will be nice to carry a basket of home cooked meals to give you company.

Play A Sport Together

From badminton to volleyball, a family that plays together stays together. Playing a sport together can help all of you enjoy an activity and also spend some quality time together while getting fitter.

Create A Family Tree

Family trees make us aware of our roots and are a great way to learn in depth about our ancestors. Understanding your family better can be a memorable experience. Create your own family tree and learn more about yourself and your ancestors.

Revisit Old Photo Albums

Old photo albums revive old memories, from your childhood pictures to that fun time out with cousins, do take a walk down memory lane with photos either printed or saved on your cloud.

Families are a gift we receive when we are born. It is always a good idea to become more compassionate towards our friends who may have even lost a loved one. Never be afraid to lend a helping hand.

Practically wishes you a Happy Parents Day!

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