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Significance Of National Technology Day

May 13, 2022    7 min read

May 11th is celebrated as the National Technology Day and commemorates the brightest Indian minds who have made remarkable progress in the field of science and technology. India has always been a nation that has seen the rise of some of the most talented names in the field of science. Every year we celebrate May 11th as the National Technology Day to honor our tech geeks, scientists, researchers and engineers for their excellent contribution to the nation’s progress.

The first ever Pokhran nuclear tests took place on 11th May, 1998. We became one of the countries that hold nuclear weapons for the safety and security of our land. This test was led by APJ Abdul Kalam who became the 11th President of India. On the same day in another part of the country, India tested its first indigenous aircraft Hansa-3 in Bengaluru. The aircraft was meant for surveillance, pilot training, as well as other purposes. This day also saw the successful test firing of a surface to air missile Trishul. The back to back turnaround of events led our then Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee celebrated this date as the ‘National Technology Day.’

This year the theme for National Technology Day was “Integrated Approach in Science & Technology for a Sustainable Future” and it was launched by the Union Minister, Jitendra Singh. The theme in itself is forward looking with a firm goal of sustainability in mind. To follow up, the Government will recognize the work of those who have dedicated themselves to find new age solutions.

In every sector ranging from healthcare to entertainment and even education, technology has played an important role in determining the progress of our nation. India despite of it all has been at the forefront to drive technological growth. At present, we are one of the fastest growing economies of tech innovators in the world. Each year the government board organizes an event wherein the Indian President honors path breaking achievers from the scientific and technological fields. Various seminars and workshops are also held in different cities on this occasion.

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