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‘Scan Anything’ by Practically is now a patented technology

August 11, 2022    7 min read

Practically is the first and the only EdTech company in the world to introduce the innovative AI led ‘Scan Anything’ feature, which brings learning alive from books and everyday objects around us. The feature has gained popularity ever since it was launched last year and has become one of the most loved features on the app. The AI-led technology behind the feature transforms the mobile camera into an educational tool allowing learners to interact with surrounding elements freely. The high-quality content provided by the app instantly satisfies the inquisitiveness of the learner and helps students gain a holistic understanding of the concepts, thereby challenging the traditional way of search to seek information.

Recently the AI Led technology used in building this feature has been granted a patent by the Government of India as:- ‘A METHOD AND A SYSTEM FOR PERCEPTUAL LEARNING WITH IMMERSIVE AND INTERACTIVE CONTENT’. This is a mark on the distinct and significant progress Practically has made in bringing a learning revolution in India. This reiterates the innovation & capabilities that continue to drive the Brand which is making a mark for its disruptive tech in ed-tech.

To elaborate further, this revolutionary, cutting-edge feature supported by Artificial Intelligence identifies objects scanned by the phone camera and lists results from its vast content library of 3000+ 3D videos, 1000+ simulations/AR experiences and 20,000 3D models, sorted by a student’s curriculum and grade. The Scan Anything feature can recognize pictures, questions, exercises, proofs etc., from textbooks, magazines, newspapers including capturing images of any surrounding objects and present linked curriculum learning information on the app for the learners to pick their learning journey and resolve doubts instantly. The feature encourages students to learn from their surroundings while rendering a truly immersive learning experience from everyday objects and helps them understand how the learning from their curriculum is tied to everyday observations. Currently, the feature covers course content from textbooks of grades 6-10th across major boards like NCERT, CBSE and state boards of AP, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

The ‘Scan Anything’ feature embedded in the Practically app is available for free download on the Play Store and App Store. And if you haven’t tried this revolutionary feature yet, then its about time you took the initiative to ‘Scan and Learn’

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