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People Who Changed The World
Father of ‘Modern India’ - Raja Ram Mohan Roy

May 20, 2022    7 min read

Source - Wikipedia

Raja Ram Mohan Roy is a revolutionary figure in Indian history. He was born on May 22nd 1772. Owing to his relentless efforts to bring about a lasting change in Bengal, he was known as the 'Father of the Bengal Renaissance,’ he played a crucial role in stopping child marriage and the practise of 'Sati' in India.

A man of many skills, he was proficient in Sanskrit, Persian and English, he also had a sound knowledge of Arabic, Latin and Greek. Owing to his familial influence he was a scholar and a public administrator and juggled between the two careers all his life.

He was a visionary who was ahead of his time and wanted to create a society that would be rooted in the Indian vedic scriptures but would also promote modern practical views on daily life.

Ram Mohan Roy's impact on modern Indian history was his revival of the pure and ethical principles of the Vedanta school of philosophy as found in the Upanishads. He founded the Brahma Samaj that has played a major role in reforming and modernizing Indian society.

He protested against the practice of sati, that is the practice of asking widows to jump in the pyre alive. He believed that this practice was redundant and moreover, women had to be given their own standing in the world even when their husbands were no more. To ensure that we do away with this kind of irrational thinking and judgment, he worked on bringing about a social, religious and political reform.

In his address, entitled ‘Inaugurator of the Modern Age in India,’ Tagore calls him ‘the luminous star in the firmament of Indian history.’ Raja Ram also visited England as an ambassador of the Mughal king Akbar Shah II (father of Bahadur Shah) who was extremely fond of Raja Ram Mohun Roy’s forward thinking. In September 1833, he died of a disease in Bristol, England.

He was a firm believer in learning and believed that an educated mind is an empowered mind. He worked hard to establish schools in India that offered education in English. His schools promoted rational and perceptual learning. He encouraged children to think about the subjects they were learning and present their own ideas rather than engaging in rote learning methods alone. He also believed that learning practically would leave a longer lasting impact on students irrespective of their age or background. His schools have played an important role in introducing modern education to India.

On his birth anniversary, Practically remembers this revolutionary figure.

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