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Learn Practically with Live Classes

February 15, 2021    7 min read

After school tutorials have been a significant part of many students’ lives and an essential part of the education sector, albeit largely unorganised thus far. These tutorials have served as additional, revisions and in-depth exploration of the regular school curriculum. A lot of these have shifted to the virtual medium rather than in-person, post COVID-19.

Practically Live classes is a solution that has been helping students and parents bring the best of subject experts right into their homes. Timings are curated to ensure most students can attend from the comfort of their homes and the solution is reasonably priced. With school from home becoming a norm, and blended learning is here to stay, Live classes by Practically gives students the additional support they need after school hours with their academic needs.

Probably the most significant advantage of live classes is real-time doubt resolution. When students prepare before live classes online or even listen to the teacher and discuss a topic, there are bound to be doubts and questions. Live online classes allow students to get clear, factual explanations from experts. It will enable teachers to give visually stimulate examples and repeat it as many times as required in different ways until a student can fully grasp the concept and eliminate the gap between theory and practice.

With online classes, teachers can offer individual attention online. Teachers can work with students to adjust the classwork to suit their learning pace. Some children can absorb better by doing, some by seeing and others by hearing. Teachers can apply this information using the online tools to make the classes efficient, enjoyable and cater to their specific needs.

Students are spending a lot of time reading out of books which can get monotonous and exhausting. With live sessions by experts, no class is standard — they're remarkable thanks to this self-learning app. Practically offers close to 3000+ AR and 1000+ simulation videos which empower teachers to conduct engaging and interactive sessions! This makes students enthusiastic about the subjects they are learning and helps bring learning alive. From showing them how the food we eat moves in the digestive tract and turns into energy, to coding their own video game, live classes online supported by gamification will introduce them to a different way of learning and instil a sense of enjoyment in the learning process!

Virtual classrooms encourage group work and discussions with a new set of learners as we continue school from home for now with limited social interaction. Good discussions help introduce students to different points of view and give rise to new ideas. Students work with their companions to tackle issues and examine the material together, giving teacher-to-student instruction a refreshing twist. Students learn from each other with guidance and monitoring by teachers. This kind of interaction gives them the confidence to utilize their social abilities in real-life situations. For secondary school students, these abilities are essential in preparing them for jobs and creating leadership abilities useful for their future. Live classes by Practically are an incredible path for children to discover their voice!

Online classes are an extraordinary route for students to immerse themselves in subjects they will appreciate. With this, students have access to scheduled live sessions by experts on Practically. The self-learning app offers an instant doubt resolution and one-on-one guidance from dedicated mentors, all from the comfort and safety of their homes.

If you want your children to get all these benefits from our Live classes, join our classes on the Practically app, and don’t just learn, learn Practically!

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