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Learn Practically With The All New And Improved Proton

June 24, 2021    7 min read

Many good memories involving studying at school include group study with friends! It makes learning efficient and enjoyable. Studying with a friend can consolidate the knowledge you acquire as you progress through your education and introduce you to different ways of analysing information. Choosing to have with a study partner is a proven strategy for enhanced results. You’re more likely to achieve success throughout your study journey with a friend.

With the pandemic changing the way we learn and interact, Practically brings you its mascot – Proton. Your Artificial Intelligence (AI) study buddy. He can act as your partner during virtual learning in much the same way a friend in a group study session.

What makes AI-powered Proton so intelligent? Let’s learn all about his superpowers!

  1. Finding yourself spending more time getting doubts cleared and less time understanding the explanation? Proton can assist you 24/7 with real time and easy doubt solving so you can keep learning and understanding concepts as you study. Just type the query and send the message. It’s so simple!
  2. Find it easier to talk to Proton? Send a voice note using the mic on the Practically app. "Proton, what is 4 divided by 2?" Yes, it is that easy!
  3. “What is this object called?” Not sure how to explain your query to Proton? Click or upload a photo of an object or even a written question by clicking the camera icon on the app to get instant assistance. Wow!
    1. The quick, extensive nature of responses and the fun and interactive interface enables a seamless learning experience and helps one learn better.
      Proton suggests various ways through which you can resolve your doubts better.

      • Videos – Visuals help with increased retention keeping you attentive. You can now better understand concepts with more than a thousand high-quality 3D videos
      • Simulations – The realistic adaptation of concepts from Math and Science as simulations will take your learning experience to a higher level. Simulations deepen your understanding and leave a lasting impact for better application. Check out the numerous simulations on the app!
      • Augmented Reality – On Practically, you can use augmented reality to learn anything. Explore thousands of experiences that bring learning alive!

      Proton uses a database of research and previous searches, then helps with relevant responses across an expansive range of topics. With Proton, you can maximize learning efficiency by only concentrating on absorbing knowledge and leave the real time information mining to your AI study buddy!

      Asking Proton is the easiest way to get the answers to all your questions. Proton can give you your answer instantaneously anytime, anywhere and hence is your 24x7 study buddy.

      With the always-available Proton, Practically provides you with an enhanced learning experience that makes learning concepts easier and helps you succeed in school and competitive exams.

      So go ahead, download Practically now and become friends with your newest study buddy, Proton!

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