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Environmental Awareness & Sustainable Living

October 11, 2022    7 min read

Our population today stands at more than 7 billion people, and the waste and resources we all discard and consume are growing at a pace that's not healthy for the planet. As we increasingly battle challenges like global warming, sustainable living has become the need of the hour. A sustainable lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle where we consciously make small and big choices that reduce impact on the environment.

In 2015, the United Nations adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to combat poverty and protect the planet. Its vision is to achieve these goals by the year 2030. The members, i.e., the countries under the United Nations, are working towards making our environment better.

Why Do We Need Sustainable Living?
From the vehicles we use for transportation to the trash we throw out after consumption, there are a plethora of things that we do that affect the environment in a way that's not sustainable.

The vehicles travel in need fossil fuels, which results in the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Therefore, this results in our planet getting hotter and growing episodes of extreme weather conditions.

The food, fashion and other things we consume daily result in a lot of waste that is not recycled. As a result, marine life is also getting affected as oceans and other water bodies are often the places where trash eventually goes to. And when a part of the environment is affected, the entire planet is affected in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

How Can We Adopt A Sustainable Lifestyle?

1. Recycle As Much As Possible
Using eco-friendly products and products that can be recycled easily is one of the best things that we can do for our planet. Recycling ensures that we are not adding more trash to the already-overflowing trash on the planet and also ensures that the waste we have after consumption is again used by us in some or the other way.

2. Be Aware of Energy Usage
Keeping a tab on our energy usage can go a long way in living a Sustainable Lifestyle. Switching the fan and the lights off when we are not there, turning off the Air Conditioner for some time, and using the geyser wisely can be a starting point.

3. Use Public Transport Whenever Possible
When we use personal modes of transportation, we put a lot of pressure on the environment. Using public transport and walking or cycling to work or local places will reduce the number of fossil fuels used.

4. Shop From Local Outlets
Shipping involves transportation - which, as we have seen, leads to the consumption of more and more fossil fuels. While we cannot avoid shipping completely, we can choose to purchase from local shops whenever and wherever possible.

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