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5 Things You Must Do If You Are Revising For NEET From Home

March 2, 2020    7 min read

Here are some effective strategies to keep your NEET preparations on-track during the Covid-19 lockdown.

As a result of the Covid-19 chaos, students preparing for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) will now have to wait an additional few weeks as the exam has been postponed. Initially scheduled around the beginning of May, the exam will most likely be sometime in the last week of May. With limited access to coaching institutes and expert facility thanks to the lockdown, students will now be forced to make the most of this additional time, preparing for the test from home. Here are some things students can do to ensure they continue their studies uninterrupted during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown.

1. Make a detailed NEET study time-table and stick to it

Preparation and revision for NEET can be a continuous and never-ending process. The first thing you must do is have a detailed study plan for your revision, plus your normal studies. Make a reasonable time-table and ensure that you stick to it. Break the study hours into reasonable-sized chunks, with short breaks in between. Factor in more time for topics you are weak in. But as you get closer to the exam time, spend time on revising things you already know.

2. Refer only trusted material for your NEET revision

Now that you are in the last stretch of revision before NEET 2020, and have an additional couple of weeks, keep referring to quality study material that you are used to. Even if you must refer to new material, ensure that you refer to reference material from trusted sources and don’t invest too much time on searching for material. In the last two weeks before the exam, don’t refer to new reference material, as it may confuse your understanding of the topics you are already familiar with. For trusted material, download Practically’s app and subscribe to the NEET course. Practically’s material is prepared by some of the best faculty in India and is one of the best courses available with excellent illustrations.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice…And Practice again

Preparing for NEET requires dedication and constant practice of old question papers, to self-evaluate your preparedness. Regular practice also helps you clearly understand the exam pattern and can significantly improve your time when it comes to completing the exam. Take mock-tests online, in almost exam-like circumstances to help you get in the right mindset for the exam. Remember, the more tests you complete, the more prepared you will be for the real exam.

4. Avoid studying new topics at the last minute

With an additional couple of weeks, students appearing for NEET may be tempted to take on new topics which they have not prepared for before. Experts and former toppers advise not to start off new topics at the last moment, as this is likely to confuse students and they may risk forgetting concepts they know very well, while trying to learn new topics. Use this additional time topics and concepts you are already familiar with, and practice diagrams and formulae, which will help improve your understanding of these topics.

5. Remain positive and stress-free

The stress while preparing for NEET under normal circumstances can be very high, but during the coronavirus outbreak, it can be exceptionally high. Remember to maintain a positive frame of mind, and don’t stress yourself too much. Take your mind off studies once in a while to combat mental fatigue, as this will also help you remember things better. Factor in some time for your hobbies into your daily study schedule. Eat healthy and physically active. Most importantly, trust your hard work and efforts and remember that your hard work and efforts will eventually pay off, so don’t panic or get paranoid.

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